(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, rescue work in various countries has reached a high tide. More practitioners have stepped forward to actively participate in Fa-rectification activities and to help the rescue work, and our overall understanding continues to elevate. Nevertheless, urgent cases one after another also convey an important message to us: there is still a big gap between our truth-clarification work to governments of various countries and the requirement of the progress of Fa-rectification. This gap was probably not formed in one day, but rather accumulated over a long period of time.

If we do not do the truth-clarification work well, the losses that accrue will be at the price of the lives of countless beings. To make up for the losses and to decrease possible future losses, we should truly understand the progress of the Fa-rectification and make breakthroughs in our understanding of Fa principles. At the recent Fa conference in Los Angeles, Master once again expanded our field of vision to an unprecedented depth and breadth. Thus, our responsibilities are even greater and the requirements on us are higher.

The old forces are working at a certain speed to destroy the universe. If the speed of our truth-clarification cannot catch up, it will cause more sentient beings to lose opportunities. Currently, we have not completely remedied the previously accumulated inadequacies and shortcomings of our truth-clarification work. We not only must do all the urgent rescue work well that demands immediate attention, but more importantly, we should actively get ahead of the old forces, by doing the fundamental truth-clarification work to governments well and making substantial breakthroughs. If we cannot do this, we will be continuously pulled by the old forces to get entangled in one issue after another.

Several factors are crucially important in making big breakthroughs. The first is to improve our understanding as a whole and see our overall shortcomings in clarifying the truth to governments. The second is to have adequate rationality and wisdom, break away from the old forces' interference and obstruction that have been forced onto the various governments and help the governments overcome their misunderstandings. The third is that we must accelerate our work; otherwise we will not catch up with the old forces' speed of destruction. Only by surpassing it will we be "in control of Heaven and Earth, rectifying the human realm." ("The Foretelling")