First: A few days ago when I sent forth righteous thoughts I saw countless sentient beings in my own dimensional field sending forth righteous thoughts with me. The ever so powerful righteous thoughts headed right into the colossal firmament. Nevertheless, in another dimension I saw a lot of sentient beings devouring a lot of food and drink while having a big feast and living a dissolute life that pursued pleasure and fun. An immeasurable compassion emerged from the depths of my heart and I decided to save those people. As soon as this thought emerged, those sentient beings immediately became very serious and solemn. They crossed their legs to sit in the meditation position and erected their palms. I deeply felt the greatness and solemnity of Dafa. It was beyond human words.

Second: Last week when I sent forth righteous thoughts while attending group study, I saw in fellow practitioners' dimensional fields countless sentient beings anxiously waiting to be saved. Seeing their anxious and longing looks, my heart was so deeply and painfully touched and moved that my eyes quickly welled up with tears. Teacher says:

"I said earlier that if we don't cultivate well, for our Dafa disciples it won't just be a matter of painful regret when they reach Consummation later on."

(Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

Fellow practitioners, strive forward, "hurry up and tell them" ("Hurry and Tell Them")

The above is what I've seen at my own personal level and as such, is of course just an insignificant, trivial part of the truth of the universe that has been displayed to me. Fellow practitioners please treat this with righteous thoughts and do not become attached to supernormal abilities. Please correct me if there's anything improper.