Righteous Actions in the Wind and Rain

There is a torture room that is used especially to detain Dafa practitioners in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. There are two iron hoops fixed to the floor. Dafa practitioners are handcuffed to the iron hoops, and they can't sit down or stand up. Some practitioners are handcuffed in this position for several days and nights. One day, three vicious policemen and two collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] tied me up in a single bed that had steel wires twisted on both sides. They pushed me into the middle of the bed with both arms stretched out, and my hands were cuffed to the steel wires. Then the policemen began to beat and kick me. They tried to seal my mouth with tape and put an earpiece on me that played a recording of slanderous propaganda. But they could not seal up my mouth, and I shouted as usual "Return my Teacher's reputation" and "Falun Dafa is good."

Facts of the Persecution

In July 2002, the public security sub-bureau in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, kidnapped Guangzhou City Dafa practitioner Deng Yi. She was illegally detained for one month and then sentenced to two years of reeducation through labor. She is now being detained in Chatou Province Female Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou City. In the forced labor camp, Deng Yi has suffered inhuman torment. She is not allowed her to see her family, and they are not allowed to give her any warm clothes for the winter. She has been tied up with her legs double-crossed for more than ten hours. Before the Chinese New Year, Deng Yi started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. It has been 50 days now, and she is very weak.

Wuhan Dafa practitioner Liu Xunchun was arrested in August 2002. He was illegally sentenced to three years of reeducation through labor, and has been detained in Group Two, Hewan Forced Labor Camp, Wuhan City, and has suffered from inhuman tortures. In the dead of winter in 2002, because he refused to squat down to register his name and participate in forced labor, he was forced to stand in the piercing cold wind with an empty stomach for at least two hours, The police did not allow him to sleep or use the toilet at night. They also instigated drug abusers to curse him, beat him and insult his belief.

Jiamusi Dafa practitioner Ma Xuejun has been kidnapped by the police several times and inhumanly tortured. In June 2000, he was sentenced to three years reeducation through labor and sent to Xigemu Forced Labor Camp. In December 2001, Ma went on a hunger strike to protest, and he was released when his life was in danger. In December 2002, he was again kidnapped, and is still being detained at Jiamusi Detention Centre. He has been on a hunger strike to protest and is being brutally tormented. His wife Chuang Jing was illegally detained and persecuted in 2001. Her body was seriously injured to the point of hemorrhaging. On July 20, 2002, a person turned her in while she was clarifying the truth. While she was detained, she again suffered from hemorrhaging. She was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment. Even though her life was in danger, she was still sent to a forced labor camp to be continuously persecuted. At this time Chuang Jing is still suffering from internal bleeding, so she can only lie flat. Her situation is very grave.

Latest News From China

Open letter to the 10th National People's Representatives' Meeting: China is experiencing a catastrophe that has never before happened in history. The chief architect of this disaster is Jiang. He personally instigated the bloody suppression of Falun Gong practitioners for no reason, and brought huge disasters to the precious Chinese people and the whole human world. According to the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Criminal Law, Jiang has committed numerous crimes in his persecution of Falun Gong. We strongly ask for Jiang to be brought to justice.