Yang Lidong and his wife are Falun Dafa practitioners from Ningjiang District of Songyuan City in Jilin Province. They were kidnapped just one day before the 2002 Chinese Spring Festival. They were sent to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp of Jilin Province on March 15, 2002, and on the same day assigned to the Education Team, also called the Heavy Discipline Team. Because Yang refused to write a letter denouncing Falun Gong, the lawless police instigated criminal offenders to torture him.

At that time the criminal offenders assigned to "monitor and protect" Yang Lidong were Zhang Laoqi (a nickname) from Qian'an County, Li Donghong from Siping City, Zhu Yonggang, and Wang Zhongkui. They cuffed both of Yang's hands to a metal bed and tied his feet with a rope. They swore at him while beating him. Several times during the ordeal, Yang's miserable screaming could be heard by other prisoners, along with that of other Dafa practitioners shouting for an end to the torture. However, no guards came to stop the torture. Sometimes seven or eight hoodlums covered Yang's mouth with cloth, then used various torture instruments such as boards, sticks, and a "little white dragon" [white plastic tubes used to whip victims] to beat him. Sometimes they held Yang's head tightly with their hands and then used a wooden board or toothbrush to rub his ribs. Before long many bloody black bumps would appear on his body. The meal given to him was just one steamed corn bread.

The vicious guards tied Yang onto the bed. They did not allow him to lie down or sit at will. Sometimes, he had to sit on the cold brick floor for a whole night. When he was forced to lie on the bed, he was not allowed to use the restroom, so his pants were often wet with urine. After fellow Falun Dafa practitioners changed Yang's bedding with their own, the thugs would deliberately make trouble for him, so his bedding would soon be wet again. Zhang Laoqi and Zhu Yonggang even shamelessly claimed that Yang Lidong had wet the bed on purpose.

In only half a month, Yang Lidong was partially paralyzed from the torture. He couldn't hold things with his hands. So guard Gao in the Education Team let the doctors give him an intravenous drip. When they saw no signs of improvement in his health, they sent him to Jiutai Hospital, where the doctors claimed that the examination showed that nothing was wrong. On their return, these guards went into a restaurant to eat and drink, but Yang was left in the vehicle without food. When Yang was taken back, he was again heavily tortured. The so-called medical treatment given to Yang was just some intravenous drip.

One day, guard Gao and Division Chief Gao went to the cells of the Heavy Discipline Team, where they saw Yang. Upon seeing them, Yang immediately shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good." The vicious guard Gao pulled out the needles for the intravenous drip and madly pricked Yang's body with them. Division Chief Gao kicked Yang to the floor and wildly battered him.

After about one month, Yang was transferred to a small warehouse. The guards asked the criminal offenders Zhang Laoqi and Li Donghong to "protect and monitor" him. These two found accomplices including Liu Wenli, Xie Yunpu from Yingcheng of Jiutai, Zhang Mancang from Yingcheng, and Zhao Xiaoli from Yingcheng. They claimed that Yang's muscles were atrophied and that he needed a "massage." Shortly after, Yang's miserable screaming could be heard by the entire Education Team. The guards' laughing and loud speaking could also be heard. When asked what happened, the guards paid no attention. This situation occurred many times. What had actually happened was that the guards pushed Yang into an empty wardrobe used by the inmates, closed the door, and then beat him with batons and sticks. Poor Yang Lidong was beaten so badly that he lost control of his bowels. The vicious hoodlums then dragged Yang to the bathroom, to give him a "bath," which was in fact another round of brutal beating. Every time Yang went to the restroom, they would not allow others to go in order to prevent Yang's wounds from being seen.

Seeing Yang's health deteriorate more and more, the guards took him to Changchun City, the capital of Jilin Province, for an examination. The doctor's advice, that Yang "needed hospitalization," was ignored by the guards. As usual, they left Yang in the vehicle without food while they enjoyed a fine restaurant meal. They again took Yang back to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp. So far, Yang has been tortured by the Education Team for one and one-half months.

The list of the criminal guards in the Education Team:
Lu Changtai, responsible for brainwashing
Division Leader Gao and Guard Gao (One of them is called Gao Ke)
Cadre Xie
Team Leader Lu