I am nine years old, and I have practiced Falun Dafa for five years. I am often touched by Master's great compassion and Dafa's extraordinary power. Here, I'd like to share my recent miraculous, extraordinary experience.

One evening in November last year, I was very tired, but I couldn't go to sleep because my father was snoring too loudly. I jumped out of bed and went to find a quiet place to sleep. I was so sleepy that I didn't realize that I had run into a wall until I found myself in another room already. The whole house shook with a loud banging noise when I whizzed through the wall with a gust of wind.

Then I felt pain in my head. I thought there must be a big bump on my head, so I went to show my mother. However, mother couldn't find any bump, but only a little red spot. We were very puzzled: why didn't the wall stop me and why wasn't my head bruised or swollen after such a hard impact?

My younger sister had been sleeping in the same bed with me. She came over and told me: "It's true! After you hit the wall, you didn't stop. When I looked over right after I heard the noise, you'd disappeared already."

Then, we understood: my body was replaced by high-energy particles, which are smaller than the wall molecules. They can go through molecules just like wind can go through a hedge.

I really appreciate that Master has been watching over me all this time. Even though I was not careful and put myself in danger, Master opened up my supernormal ability to protect me.