(Clearwisdom.net) As we were on our way to purchase a computer last March, we found a handbag on the ground with 6,000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban laborer is about 500 Yuan] in it. I thought to myself as we walked away, "We have to find the owner of the purse." I also found an Identification Card in the purse. I told my fellow practitioner who was walking with me, "Let's go back to the place where we found it to see if we can find the owner. If we can't, then we will send the money to the address on the Identification Card."

We went back to the place where we had found the handbag. Before long, two young people come along and started to anxiously look around. "What are you looking for?" I asked one of them. "A purse," he said quickly. I checked his name and identification number against the Identification Card and I found that the information matched. I then returned the bag to him. He was extremely grateful, "Can you give me your address or phone number so that I can thank you again? I need this 6,000 Yuan urgently." We said to him, "You don't have to thank us. All Falun Dafa practitioners would have done the same thing that we did. Falun Dafa practitioners are good people." There were many people around and they were able to hear us.

After we left the owner of the handbag, we went into a computer store to buy the computer. Then I remembered that I had dreamed about this incident about a month earlier. The dream was like a rehearsal of what had just happened. In the dream, Teacher Li let me know that the owner of the handbag was a family member of mine from a previous life, and that I saved him through this incident. The purse and the Identification Card were indeed the threads that brought the owner of the handbag and me together.