Ms. Xu Lijuan is a 41-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. She lives in the 4th unit, 3rd Alley, Zhiguo Street in Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. She was a good wife and mother in excellent health. One day in the spring of 2000, while she was doing Falun Gong exercises in Chengxu Park in Shuangcheng City, the local policemen arrested her and sent her to the Second Detention Center. There she was tortured and abused so severely that she suffered a mental collapse. The "610 Office" didn't release her until more than ten days after her breakdown [the "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems].

Ms. Xu had lost her memory and did not remember where she lived. The police therefore looked up the interrogation notes and found her address. When they took her home, her husband wasn't there, so the police just left Ms. Xu in the care of her teen-age daughter. When Ms. Xu's husband came back and found that his wife had been groundlessly persecuted to a state of mental collapse, he said angrily, "If I had known they had turned her into this, I would never have just let them walk away!"

Ms. Xu Lijuan and her husband are both laid-off workers, and are therefore in considerable financial difficulty. They have had to spend close to 10,000 Yuan to treat Ms. Xu, [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China] who remains listless, and has lost part of her memory. She cannot take care of herself. Because Ms. Xu's husband has to take care of her and also their daughter who is in school, he cannot go out to work to earn money. He is extremely distressed and exhausted. The family has to rely on the financial help of their relatives in order to survive.

Ms. Xu Lijuan believes in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. But just because she practiced some peaceful exercises in a park, she has been abused to the point of mental collapse, bringing a catastrophe to her family. We hope that the international community, human rights organizations and all kindhearted people in the world will work together to end this evil drama of persecution that is so cruelly devastating innocent people.

Feb. 19, 2003