(Clearwisdom.net) According to China News Net February 18th report, "the Institute of Acoustics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a 'Falun Gong content censorship system.' This system is able to analyze the meaning of articles or paragraphs. Its ability to understand Chinese sentences is on a world-leading level." The report also claims, "When the system scans documents, it will mark articles that advocate for Falun Gong or the independence of Taiwan as 'black documents,' and mark articles that criticize or oppose Falun Gong or the independence of Taiwan as 'red documents.' It also marks documents involving Buddhism, qigong and pro-health practices as neutral." "It can recognize and expose 'red' and 'black' articles on a website within a matter of seconds, and the so-called 'black' information has nowhere to hide."

I have not heard of any other country that possesses this kind of technology. I don't know whether any country wants to "compete" with this "world-leading technology." However, since its purpose is to manipulate thought, the international community will not acknowledge such technology. On the issue of Falun Gong, almost all civilized nations have reached a common understanding through learning the truth: the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong is extremely wrong and should end immediately. This persecution is completely based on lies. Outside of China, Falun Dafa has brought peace, serenity and happiness to people in over 60 countries around the world and has been awarded more than 1,000 proclamations. These are undisputable facts.

Scientific technology loses its ability to improve life if it does not abide by morality, regardless of how perfect or advanced it is. It can even threaten the existence and development of humanity. Science has always been a double-edged sword. Its renewal and progress has brought both benefits to mankind and great hazards to the environment. The key is the existence of morality upon which it is based.

Looking from this perspective, this technology acclaimed by the Institute of Acoustics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in fact not only prevents the people of China from hearing the voice of truth and justice, it further helps in poisoning Chinese people's minds. To be plain, it is actually a high-tech "club" paid for with the people's hard earned money and used by the dictator to advance the persecution.

In order for China to earn the respect and acknowledgement of the international community as a nation, the ruler of China must first learn to respect his people, which include respect for the people's right to information, freedom of belief and freedom of speech.

February 21, 2003