(Clearwisdom.net) When sending forth righteous thoughts to help our fellow practitioners imprisoned in China, many practitioners limit their thoughts to decreasing the extent of the persecution of those imprisoned, rather than sending strong righteous thoughts to help them to be released unconditionally.

Actually, the evil old forces that have betrayed the characteristics of the universe have only limited abilities. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun, "one's gong level is as high as one's xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart, moral character] level. When one's xinxing level drops, then one will not be supplied with so much gong because it must be given according to the xinxing level." Nowadays, under the restriction of the characteristics of the universe, the old forces have come to their end and do not have much strength remaining. As I understand it, they completely depend on obtaining the reasons and the necessary energy for their existence from the loopholes in Falun Dafa practitioners' minds.

Many practitioners are restricted by their understandings of prophecies in history and think that the imprisonment of Falun Dafa practitioners is inevitable. Actually, weren't these prophecies in history predictions of the arrangements made by the old forces? Isn't the phenomenon of our thoughts being restricted by these prophecies therefore a direct result of the arrangements by the old forces?

Here's an example: a young elephant was tied up to a stump. Too young, with little strength, it could not break the rope no matter how hard it tried. Then it became used to being tied up on the small stump. When it grew up, it never believed itself capable of breaking the thin rope -- it was restricted by its own mentality! Aren't we also restricted by our mentality?

Cultivating to this day, we Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification period possess infinite capability for righteous thoughts and supernormal powers. We are capable of anything and the old forces that are left over cannot compare to us. We have sacred Fa-rectification verses bestowed upon us by Teacher and are protected and supported by our magnificent Teacher. Our righteous thoughts should be enough to gain the unconditional release of all imprisoned practitioners.

One hundred thousand imprisoned fellow practitioners are one hundred thousand of the Fa-rectification elite. The Fa-rectification needs them. They should come back to the powerful current of Fa-rectification.

Fellow practitioners, let's send forth the truly divine power of our righteous thoughts!

The above are my own thoughts only for your reference. I hope this can bring forth stronger and purer righteous thoughts.