(Clearwisdom.net) One of my fellow practitioners and I went to a tourist site to clarify the truth during the Chinese New Year holidays. Her relaxed, humorous language and pleasant, friendly greetings earned a lot of laughter and warm responses from tourists, and helped us to establish a closer relationship with the tourists from Mainland China.

Clarifying the truth at this tourist site was due to the effort of several practitioners from the very beginning. To set it up, they overcame all kinds of difficulties and eliminated a lot of interference. It played an important role in clarifying the truth and eliminating the evil. There are two computers there to help in the effort. In addition, some practitioners spent several hours at night holding up truth-clarifying signs and posters.

The fellow practitioner who went with me used a different way to clarify the truth. She chose a tourist site entrance/exit. With a MP3 player on her back and a microphone in her hand, she handed flyers to tourists while talking to them through the microphone, "Dear fellow Chinese people, precious Chinese people, welcome to Hong Kong. Don't miss this good opportunity to understand the truth of the persecution of Falun Dafa - the truth that will soon been shown to the world. Everybody is predestined to be here! Don't miss this great opportunity. Please take and read the free materials. We printed all these materials on our own time and with our own money, in order to clarify the truth to the precious Chinese people, so that you will not be misled by lies." After that, the practitioner would tell tourists that the people of Hong Kong understand and support Falun Dafa; about the persecution of Dafa practitioners in China, and the truth of the "Tiananmen Square Self Immolation" incident. Finally, she would encourage tourists to clarify the truth to the people around them. Lots of tourists stopped and listen to her. They nodded while they took the materials.

One young man in a tourist group refused to take the materials. "You are afraid," my fellow practitioner said jokingly. He smiled and walked away. He refused to take the materials the second time. "You are afraid," she said again. The young man walked away again. This fellow practitioner kept clarifying the truth and encouraging tourists to take the materials. The third time he accepted the material and said, "Please, don't laugh at me." Everybody smiled.

A bus arrived while we were handing out materials. A young man in the tourist group said, "Long live Falun Gong," while raising his arms. A tour guide didn't take the materials I handed to him and told me that he read the material two to three times already. He asked me to save it for somebody else. I told him, "It's great that you understand the truth. You will soon discover how blessed you are."

When the tourists left, I cannot help but feel very fortunate for those who know the truth.

February 7, 2003