The Truth and People's Hearts

A Chinese tourist around the age of 50 or 60 took a flyer and said to me, "At my work unit, several Falun Gong practitioners who work there were sent to labor camp. One of them was released and many people at our work unit went to visit him." "The persecution is too brutal for these kind people. I think if the Party is truly for the people, it should not be afraid of them practicing qigong!"

I obtained the Fa in early winter of 1998. Before that, I suffered from many illnesses, especially headaches. My head hurt almost every day. My limbs were often weak and powerless after I gave birth to my first child, and I did not have the strength to even root out grass in the field. After I obtained the Fa, all the illnesses disappeared through Fa study and cultivation. Jiang slanders Falun Gong and persecutes the good people. Kind-hearted people! Dafa practitioners hope you can learn the truth as soon as possible and have a bright future.

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

During the Chinese New Year, Dafa practitioner Zhen went to attend his brother's birthday gathering with truth clarification flyers. He saw people walking by and thought, "I should clarify the truth to them and ensure that they have a good future." He approached people and gave them flyers. He walked around, passing out flyers and sending forth righteous thoughts. More than 100 people attended the gathering, and Zhen made sure that everyone had a chance to hear the truth.

Facts of the Persecution

The home of Dafa practitioner Cao Jiguang in Lishui County, Sichuan Province was ransacked many times, and his family was illegally interrogated. In May 2001, vicious police officers illegally arrested Cao Jiguang and brutally tortured him. Later, they sentenced him to five years in jail and sent him to Deyang City Labor Camp. The physical and psychological tortures severely impaired Cao Jihugang, who is currently on the verge of death. Several other Falun Gong practitioners who were staying at Cao Jiguang's home are also being brutally tortured.

News from Around the World

At a beach in Queensland, Australia, I met a Western lady who works at a Chinese consulate. She didn't understand why we are continually passing out flyers to Chinese tourists, and thought we were a gigantic organization and were promoting politics. I clarified the truth about Dafa to her in great detail, and she eventually understood and thanked me. During our conversation, several Chinese tourists who were with her carefully listened to what we said.

News from China

I am a Dafa practitioner in Chongqing City. After beginning to study the Fa and do the exercises, all of my illnesses disappeared. After the evil began its insane persecution, I busied myself with work and didn't study the Fa diligently. I had fears when the evil arrested many practitioners. My daughter and son didn't want me to cultivate, so I gave up cultivation. Soon, I had to go to a hospital for an operation because I had appendicitis. Afterwards, I reconsidered and returned to the path of cultivation. In October 2002, a lump developed below my left armpit, and fellow practitioners gave me their advice. Because I improved my xinxing, the lump disappeared several days later on its own.