1. In the book Political Education for Second-Grade Middle School Students (I) from the series "The Best Design -- For Synchronous Test and Measurement in Middle School," the cultural hatchet men viciously fabricate the exercise questions to deceive students and wantonly distort and slander Falun Dafa and Master Li. These systematically fabricated lies consist of hundreds of thousands of words.
  2. The book was published by Xueyuan Press, located at No.8 West Street, Wanshou Road, Beijing (postal code 100036).

    The chief editor for the "The Best Design" book series is Ren Zhihong

    The chief editor for Political Education for Second-Grade Middle School Students (I) is Guan Mingchun.

    The associate editors are Jiang Bingrang, Wu Youlin, Gao Bo, and Han Chunling.

    The contact information: 86-10-82250247 ext. 8075 (Book Service Department), 86-543-3263711 or 86-543-3263296 (Mail-Order Department)

    E-mail: jks@zhihong.net.com

    School teacher Guan Mingchun is a political instructor at Jining City's Teaching and Research Section, Shandong Province, and also a member of the Middle School Ideological and Political Education and Research Council in Shandong Province.

  3. The "Hot Topics" section of The Essential and Comprehensive Manual of The Political Course Open Book Exam for the Enrollment in Technical Schools contains a lot of exercise questions that slander Dafa and viciously deceive the students and teachers.

This book was published by Shanxi Education Press, located at No. 2 Building, Yingzeyuanxiaoqu, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

The chief editor is Wang Runhua.

The editorial staff members are Zhan Qiang, Xie Wenping, Wang Runhua, Rong Gailan, Guo Ruiying, Li Taoxian, Jia Ke'ai, and Feng Xiaoli.

The overall planner and editor-in-charge is Zhang Baodong, whose mailing address is Baima Office, Shanxi Education Press, Yingzeyuanxiaoqu, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

Fax: 86-351-4035711
E-mail: zbdddzxx@sina.com
Special telephone line for ordering the book: 86-351-4053275

The schools force all students to buy the books that slander Dafa. Taking advantage of the young students' lack of ability to differentiate between fact and fiction, the government takes all means to plant the seeds of hatred toward Falun Gong in their innocent minds. It is urgent that Dafa practitioners use wisdom to clarify the truth and save these people, who are being deceived by the lies. We hope that Dafa practitioners in China do not overlook clarifying the truth to students and teachers. This also requires the assistance of overseas Dafa practitioners.

February 13, 2003