(Clearwisdom.net) I was very touched when I read a practitioner's article "Following Teacher for Thousands of Miles around China." It reminded me of my experience of following Master to Chengdu City, Sichuan Province and attending Master's lectures in person many times. I had similar experiences as that author, and have seen all kinds of difficulties during Dafa's 10-years of spreading in the human world.

I am not highly educated, but I was in a unique position to have seen how hard it was for Master to spread the Fa in the beginning. I want to try my best to write it up, share it with my fellow practitioners, expose the lies and validate Dafa. This is also a process for me to break through the blockage of old notions.

Memory I

I have left my home and been going from place to place because of the evil's persecution. Shortly before last New Year's Eve, I could not find a place to live. I was thinking that the Dafa of the universe is being persecuted, Master is being slandered, Chinese people's minds are poisoned, and that practitioners who are forced to leave home cannot even find a place to stay! I felt very sad and missed Master very much. I went to the streets that Master had walked on and came to the Fangze Garden in Ditan Park. I sat on the rock for a long time and recollected scenes from the Fa conference held here in December 1996. The memory was very vivid in my mind. We had the Fa conference in the morning and group sharing in the afternoon. After group exercises, we had dinner together in two main halls. Master came in to join us. Seeing Master, everyone stood up immediately, some applauded, some did heshi (Translator: "heshi" is a respectful gesture of greeting.) We were all showing our respect to Master. Master smiled and walked around. He did not stop, just kept waving to us, "Everyone sit down. Keep eating. Enjoy your meal. I will come back to see you in a little while." Later I heard that Master had just come back from the U.S. He rushed to the meeting place as soon as he got off the plane and had not had dinner himself. After dinner Master came back and lectured to us for over 40 minutes. Remembering Master's voice and smiles, I felt fortunate and couldn't stop crying. Suddenly I didn't feel I was suffering anymore. Thinking about Master putting all of his energy to save people, our behavior today has to be worthy of Master, and be worthy of Dafa!

Memory II

In the summer of 2001, someone betrayed me and led seven or eight police officers in two police vehicles and people from the "610 Office" to arrest me. [The "610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute powers over each level of administration in the party and all other political and judiciary systems]. It happened that I wasn't home at the time, so they did not find me. They adopted every possible means, tough and soft, toward my family members, who are not practitioners. My family was deceived and started to work with them.

At that time I hadn't realized that there existed a problem within my own space. The family members came to my place and tried to force me to go to the brainwashing class. I sternly told them, "The Fa is deeply rooted in my heart. I am determined to take this path, and no one should think about swaying me." I kept eliminating the evil factors behind them and got rid of their thoughts of calling the police that night. They agreed to let me sleep for a few hours, and would send me out in the morning. I heard them murmuring that they would call the police vehicle to come pick me up in the morning. At around 2 o'clock in the morning, I thought, "I shall not follow the evil at all. I must take every step right. I am a Dafa particle." Then I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that control them, and asked that the gate not be locked. Every night at midnight, the gate is closed, and re-opened at 6am. I should not be led by my sentiment, but must leave before dawn. Then, the lock opened with a light twist, and I broke the "blockade" easily with these strong, righteous thoughts. It was raining that day. I walked around for a whole day and still had not found a place to stay after 10 o'clock in the evening. Standing on the overpass I was tired, thirsty, hungry and cold. Our old practice site was just underneath the overpass. Past events appeared in front of my eyes one by one.

I had seen our Master lecture in person in the early days, and he had personally taught me the exercises. Dafa is good. Master is good. Soon, our one practice site had increased to over a dozen. We studied the Fa and exercised together, and shared our experiences. It was such a pure land. Now, I have lost contact with the practitioners because of the persecution. Thinking about the past and today, I felt like crying but had no tears. How do I validate the Fa now? Suddenly, I realized there was something wrong in my mind. I cleared my mind, adjusted my state of mind and asked myself calmly, "What is your responsibility?" I saw the scene of Master's meeting with assistants and giving a lecture in January 1995. After I adjusted my state of mind, I rationally analyzed the situation. Currently, the evil force is taking advantage of our human thinking. On the one hand, they separate us and try to destroy us. On the other hand, they try to use the illusion of the evil being rampant to wear out disciples' wills. Looking inside, I feel that this can be attributed to our not having studied the Fa well as one body. Nothing is accidental. I am responsible for it. I have not done well in my cultivation.

Master taught us,

"Guiding a group of cultivators well accumulates boundless merit and virtue. But if you don't guide people well, I'd say that you haven't fulfilled your duty." (Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

Indeed I have not fulfilled my duty, and have brought so much loss to Dafa. Master! I feel ashamed to Dafa and you... At this moment, I didn't feel lost anymore. I told myself that I should not be unworthy of Master's expectation. I must take each step of my Fa-rectification correctly, be responsible to people and to the universal Dafa. I set a motto for myself, "One Master, one Fa. Firmly believe, be steadfast, firmly cultivate and complete the path all the way." I can defeat all tribulations. Besides eliminating the evils that persecute me, I told myself that I should not be perturbed for not finding a place to live. Nothing could destroy me. As the saying goes, "The heaven is the cover; the earth is the bed; the sprinkling rain is the sweet dew." Nobody is as free as I am. Later that night, miraculously, I found a temporary place to rest. Then I found a place to stay the next day, and started my new journey of Fa-rectification.

On February 11, 2003