The Fa-rectification force is approaching rapidly and it is very close to the surface dimension of earth. The spaces in which the evil can stay are becoming narrower and narrower. What remains between the Fa-rectification force and the dimension of the largest molecules on earth is a very narrow space, and it is shrinking every day. Dafa disciples' bodies are protected, so the evil cannot drill into practitioners' molecular bodies in this dimension. Out of an instinct to save themselves, the evil forces have become mad, and are trying their very best to shelter themselves in this molecular dimension on earth in order to prolong their existence. Right now, the evil forces are desperately attacking the earth and human bodies in this surface dimension.

People with incorrect thoughts that match those of the evil beings are actually inviting the evil beings to them. Dafa practitioners' bodies are experiencing unmatched heavy pressure because evil beings are madly pounding our practitioner's flesh bodies in the hopes of entering their surface dimensions. If practitioners are not solid during the individual cultivation period, or have obvious attachments that they haven't given up, they will become the primary targets of the evil forces. Some practitioners feel itching and have "skin diseases" that are actually caused by the evil forces frenziedly bumping their heads against practitioner's bodies, trying to enter the surface dimension. If we don't send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them right away, they could succeed.

The evil forces have become totally insane and out of control, and they do not follow any rules. Just like an animal that is under attack, it will scream and bite violently before its death. In the past, the evil forces still followed some of the "demon's rules" in their destructive work; but now as they see that the great force of Fa-rectification is about to arrive, they have totally lost control. This has caused a lot of strange things to happen on Earth.

Under the current circumstances, sending forth righteous thoughts, studying the Fa, and clarifying the truth are extremely important. A lot of practitioners think that they have already paid enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, but actually, it is still not enough. Sending forth righteous thoughts can ultimately minimize the losses before Fa-rectification is over, and can save sentient beings to a larger extent.

Teacher said in "Dafa disciples' futures are certainly bright--they'll absolutely be bright." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") In the new cosmos, the brilliant new universes of Fa-rectification disciples have already been born. Teacher has already finished everything for us. In my understanding, only Fa-rectification disciples can enter the new universe, which makes the old forces extremely jealous. Only a finite number of people can be Fa-rectification disciples, and they were selected using strict criteria.

We often talk about denying the old forces' arrangements, but if we don't study Fa well, we cannot fundamentally deny the old forces' arrangements. There are still residual evil forces to be eliminated, partly because Dafa disciples are unable to deny the old forces in a broader range. There are realms to be denied which are beyond our realization. Dafa is so immense that it is beyond our imagination. Only if we diligently cultivate from the standpoint of Fa can we rise above the old force's arrangements and deny them.

The preceding is my personal understanding, and is limited by my personal realm. It is only for your reference, and I hope everyone takes the Fa as our teacher.