Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

During the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, I tried to explain the facts about Falun Dafa to my relatives and friends. They did not feel afraid of or resistant to Dafa, instead, they showed their understanding, support and even yearning towards Dafa: Previously, my younger cousin was misled by the deceiving lies from the propaganda. This time when I went back home, I played a truth-clarifying videotape for him again, and he exclaimed, "This suppression is really wrong!" After my uncle and cousin watched the video program, they expressed their great interest in Dafa and asked me for the addresses of Dafa websites and means by which to break the Internet blockade. A friend who grew up with me said, "the persecution is really brutal!" after watching the video. My elder cousin said with astonishment, "A hundred million people in the world are practicing Falun Gong!" My cousin asked me to teach him the Falun Gong exercises and also mentioned he would try to study the Fa and practice the exercises later on. During the holiday, 13 of my relatives and friends came to realize the truth about Dafa!

News and Activities around the Wold

Tsinghua alumni in Germany wrote to their schoolfellows: It has been reported that more than 300 students, faculty members and staff in Tsinghua University were expelled from school, imprisoned, and even sentenced to jail simply because they persist in their belief in the principles "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance". What should the people from Tsinghua be proud of? In addition to their rigorous scientific approach, their excellent performance and great contributions in scientific and technological fields, we should also be proud of their righteousness and their pure hearts! I am proud of those Tsinghua people who firmly uphold their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in the face of risking all they have to lose. Dear Tsinghua alumni, please join us and support these respectable Tsinghua people!

Persecution Facts

On the eve of the Chinese Party's 16th Congress, governments from different levels in Shandong Province and police officers furiously and massively seized Dafa practitioners. Practitioners who were abducted and detained in brainwashing centers in Laixi City encountered inhuman persecution. At first, the police officers tried to coerce practitioners, saying that if practitioners wrote statements to renounce Falun Gong and handed in their Dafa books, they would be able to get their jobs back and have their deducted salaries reimbursed. Those who did not write the statements or hand in Dafa books were stripped of their clothes, in the freezing cold with temperatures of 20 degrees F, and were cruelly beaten. Practitioner, Shi Hongjie was tortured to death during this massive manhunt.

Police officers from Harbin Public Security Bureau including Wang Gang, Ma Hongbin, Wu Yufu, Hong Yang and Jiang Bo followed the vicious leader and acted as hatchet men to torture Dafa practitioners both mentally and physically. The Fa will rectify the human realm soon and we hope that more people who know about the real situation regarding those vicious people will stand up and report their evil deeds.