The Dalian Zhoushuizi Correction Facility started a new cycle of torture against steadfast practitioners whose illegal prison terms were about to end. They prohibited the practitioners from sleeping for 24 hours at a time and bombarded them with ideas that were contrary to their belief in Dafa. If the practitioners refused to write a guarantee statement the prison would hand the practitioners over to police when their prison terms expired. The police would just send them right back to the prison for another term.

Practitioners went on a hunger strike to appeal against this unethical and unfair treatment. As punishment, they were subjected to ever-crueler torture. The misguided and untrained police force-fed the practitioners through a tube using 60 percent alcohol in the form of rice wine. Many bled from the nose and the mouth during this torture. It was impossible to imagine what they were going through. The police tied some of the practitioners to beds that had only three wooden cross-boards. Their arms were stretched straight above their heads and tied to the leg posts. They were kept in this position for up to 3 months. Other prisoners disposed of their bodily wastes. As a result of this torture, the practitioners' muscles shrunk and they became very skinny.

This is one small example of the many types of torture used on innocent practitioners. Information is difficult to get out of the camps.

February 3, 2003