On January 26, 2003, a warm and sunny winter day, over one thousand Dafa practitioners from the southern area of Taiwan held a one-day group Fa-study and experience sharing conference in Hsinying City, Tainan County.

The practitioners divided into different groups, such as Mandarin Chinese group, Taiwan dialect group, young practitioner group, and studied Essential for Further Advancement, part of Essential for Further Advancement II and Teacher's "Fa Lecture at the Conference in Florida, USA," "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston" and "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, USA."

After studying the Fa, the practitioners had an in-depth experience sharing regarding the three things Teacher mentioned -- studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. Both veteran and new practitioners gained a deeper understanding of the current responsibility of Fa-rectification Dafa disciples.

At noon, the practitioners gathered on the sports field and wished our benevolent Teacher a Happy New Year. We will do better and live up to Teacher's expectation.

In the afternoon, the practitioners continued the experience sharing. They focused on how to recognize the old forces' arrangement from the perspective of the Fa, and how to get rid of interference and deny the old forces' arrangement according to the requirements of Fa-rectification.

In the end, the practitioners held a large group experience sharing. Some practitioners shared their experiences and various ways of clarifying the truth. Those practitioners who have not yet participated in truth-clarification were encouraged to use their talents and convenient conditions to join the mighty current of Fa-rectification.

Through the experience sharing, many practitioners realized it is imperative to clarify the truth to people, especially to Chinese people.