(Clearwisdom.net) When questioned by the plaintiff's attorney inside Quebec Superior Court, Zhou Jinxing, head of La Presse Chinoise news agency, tried his best to deny that the newspaper has any connection with the Jiang group, including the Chinese consulates and various levels of the Chinese government. His efforts, however, were not credible.

The slanderous articles attacking Falun Gong that appeared in La Presse Chinoise were almost identical to the ones provided by the Chinese Consulates in Canada, and the articles published in La Presse Chinoise were then in turn published in Mainland China. The Chinese government then claimed, "The Chinese people in Canada condemn Falun Gong," making this their justification for further persecution of Falun Gong. It's hard to believe La Presse Chinoise really has nothing to do with Jiang's group.

When questioned by the defendant's attorney, Zhou Jinxing stated in court that La Presse Chinoise has no political background and no connection with any Chinese consulate in Canada. Zhou even claimed the newspaper's website does not even contain a link to the consulates. The newspaper was very firm in its claim.

However, later, when questioned by the plaintiff's attorney, Zhou Jinxing became inconsistent in his answers. He first said there was no link to the consulate on La Presse Chinoise's website, then he admitted there was a link, but that the link appeared only in the Yellow Pages column. The plaintiff's attorney then presented the front page of the La Presse Chinoise's website, and pointed out that the link to the Chinese consulate is on its front page instead of only in the Yellow Pages. Zhou was no longer able to deny the connection to the Chinese consulate, so he could only say, "I don't know if the link works."

Why does La Presse Chinoise try so hard to deny its connection to Jiang's group? If there is no connection, there is no need for a cover-up. The Chinese consulates function as Jiang's overseas headquarters for promoting Jiang's policy of annihilation against Falun Gong. The officials in these Chinese consulates have used all available opportunities to slander Falun Gong and make up lies to deceive the Chinese people. Not all overseas Chinese people are aware of this fact. If a Chinese newspaper is not aware of this fact, it's understandable if it puts a link to the Chinese consulate on its website. However, La Presse Chinoise repeatedly denies the fact that there is a connection, which makes them look very suspicious.

Since he intentionally denies any connection with the Jiang group, Zhou Jinxing knows such a connection implies illegal activities. Everyone knows that in Mainland China, none of the media can speak freely because the government controls them. On the issue of Falun Gong, the media throughout China has one voice. In many countries outside of China, people usually think of the media as being free and unbiased; however, if it were confirmed that any media is connected to the Jiang group, its credibility would dwindle, especially on the issue of Falun Gong. As soon as La Presse Chinoise admitted an association with Jiang's group, its selling point of "free speech" would no longer exist.

The fact that La Presse Chinoise denies this connection also shows Jiang's group is "tearing down the bridge after crossing it" as it has always done. Even if La Presse Chinoise were slandering Falun Gong by following the Jiang group's orders, in a Canadian court, La Presse Chinoise does not dare to admit it and will be forced to take total responsibility in an effort to absolve Jiang's group.

Even if La Presse Chinoise completely follows orders, and takes all the blame and accepts the legal responsibilities in order to protect the Jiang group's reputation, Jiang's group may still abandon La Presse Chinoise, because the newspaper no longer has any value for them.

Katrina Leung, a U.S. citizen, was accused of being a Chinese double agent. The Party praised her as a "patriotic leader in overseas Chinese communities," but Jiang's group never mentioned her again after she went to trial, as if she never had anything to do with Jiang's group.