November 24, 2003

( The "Chinese American Relations Seminar" was held in the Texas A&M University from October 10th to October 15th.

On October 10th, at around 5:00 am in the morning, we drove to the college straight from Houston. By 7:30am we arrived at the front doors of the auditorium, where the meeting was going to take place. At this time there was nobody in the area except for a park maintenance worker who was cleaning a water fountain. We explored our surrounding area for a little while and discovered a circular public message board near the entrance of the auditorium. We wanted to post some information about Dafa onto the board but saw that there was no more room. At this time someone behind us asked, "Do you need some help?", we turned around and discovered that it was the park maintenance worker that we saw earlier. As soon as he heard that we wanted to post some Dafa information onto the board, he smiled and said, "I know that Falun Dafa is good." He then proceeded to organize the message board by taking down the duplicate and expired flyers, and moving the remaining flyers around, leaving the most eye-catching space for us. We were very appreciative of his help.

After we posted our truth clarifying information, we realized that the bottom part of the message board could hold a Dafa poster, and when asked for his permission, the maintenance worker quickly agreed. We picked out the most eye-catching poster that we had and hung it up. The poster had a golden background and a huge red lettering that read, "Falun Dafa is Good" in both English and Chinese, and it shone with absolute brilliance under the morning sun. Soon people started to show up for the meeting, and in no time a long line was formed. The huge letters from the poster easily caught people's attention.

A Chinese person started to walk towards us and said, "This poster must be taken down!" We didn't pay him any attention and didn't take down the poster. Soon, everyone went inside the auditorium for the meeting, and we went elsewhere to hand out truth clarification material, but we were worried about the poster. We then once again approached the maintenance worker and asked, "Are you leaving soon?" he answered, "No, I will be here all day." We then requested him to look after the poster and he answered, "No problem, don't worry about a thing!" Three hours later, we returned to the auditorium and from a distance we could see that the poster was still hanging there, and the maintenance worker was standing right beside it, making sure that it was safe.

Police Officer Speaks out from a Sense of Justice

The people that were attending the "Chinese American Relations Seminar" in the afternoon went on a tour of the Bush Library. We hurried to the entrance gate of the library, and at this time the tour had not yet started. We held out over a dozen banners and formed a half-circle facing the front gate. Soon people started to arrive for the tour, and everyone was surprised when they saw our banners. Many of the people, after reading the content of the banners, smiled and waved at us. Soon after, a huge bus arrived at the front gate and dozens of Chinese officials came out. After they saw the banners, they surrounded two police officers and started talking to them. After a short while, the two police officers walked towards us and requested that we leave the area. We understood what had happened, but to avoid any conflicts, we decided to comply with the request. At this time, a man around fifty years old, started to talk to the police officers, and he had a very excited look on his face. Because we were too far away, we could not make out what they were saying. Soon, he started to walk towards us, and he looked very happy to see us. He said, "Last year when Jiang came to Houston, I saw you all. You are the best and most peaceful protesters that I have ever seen. I support Falun Gong; I often read Falun Gong articles on the Internet. I feel that you should have the same rights as any other US citizen. What they (as he pointed to the two police officers) did was wrong, you have the right to hold banners by the front gate." He then handed me a business card and I realized then that he was a high-ranking police official. We said, "Thank you very much" and returned to our original position. We felt very gratified for these people's support after they learned the truth about Falun Gong.