Teacher Saved My Life Three Times

Since my wife began practicing Falun Dafa, I came away unscathed from three life threatening situations.

The first occurrence was when I was riding my motorcycle down the street. Suddenly two cars came directly towards me, and there was no way I could avoid them. During this critical moment when I knew that both my motorcycle and myself would be smashed, I heard a screeching sound and felt someone had dragged my motorcycle backwards. At the same time, the oncoming cars braked hard and stopped just in time to have their bumpers touch my motorcycle. I was so grateful that I turned around to thank the person who had yanked my motorcycle backwards. There was no one in the street. My wife had once told me that because she practiced Dafa, even her family would be looked after by Teacher.

The second time took place when I was walking under a tall tree. Suddenly a large branch fell down and hit me on my head while proceeding to slide down my face before falling to the ground. I was already 70 years old and yet there were no injuries anywhere, except for a red scratch on my face.

The third time happened when I was 72, during an evening in the winter. I had suffered from heart problems before, and I suddenly suffered from a heart attack while lying in bed. I could not move and my wife was not home, either. There was no one to get my heart medication and my life was in danger. I pondered in my heart, "Mr. Li, you are protecting my wife, would you please also protect me?" At once I could move, so I put on clothes and went to get my medicine.

I was forever grateful to my wife's Teacher. Mr. Li, my whole family has benefited from your immeasurable compassion.

We Escaped from Danger Under Teacher's Protection

I attained the Fa in 1996. On October 25, 2003, four of us were driving a small car through some treacherous roads in the mountains. The road was quite slippery after the rainfall. When we approached a "U" shaped turn, the car suddenly skidded to the right, and we were about to fly over the cliff. I tried to turn the steering wheel hard to the left, and the car rotated 180 degrees and skidded to the drainage gutter on the left side of the road before it stopped. We got out and checked the car. We noticed only minor scratches in the front and rear of the car, and the four of us were not injured at all. Everyone felt we were lucky that we avoided a major mishap. I knew deep down that it was because of Teacher's protection that we escaped unscathed.