(Clearwisdom.net) While the western world is still immersed in the happiness of the Christmas holidays, a news report from Mainland China came that Liu Chengjun was tortured to death in Changchun in police custody on December 26, 2003.

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On the noon of December 29, 2003, Falun Gong practitioners from Montreal and Ottawa gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa to commemorate Liu, a practitioner who intercepted state-controlled cable TV signals to broadcast the truth about the persecution.

ROTV Ottawa interviewed and reported the event.

A practitioner said that Falun Gong practitioners' actions were selfless. They were helping the Chinese people deceived by the dictator's lies to see the truth. Liu Chengjun and other practitioners risked their lives to bring the truth to the public with wisdom and courage. This is a great affair in Chinese history.

Practitioners will trace down all police guards involved in the murder of Liu Chengjun and bring them to justice in the future.