(Clearwisdom.net) I know a practitioner who graduated from a university with a guaranteed job ahead of her. However, around the same time she graduated, the persecution of Falun Gong began. She went to Beijing to appeal and was illegally arrested. Following her arrest, she was sent to a labor camp. Ever since being released from the labor camp, she has not been able to find a job and lives under great difficulty. Her family also has a hard time just with their basic daily living. I know this practitioner very well and in this extremely difficult period, both she and I should encourage and help each other in finishing the final paths of our journeys.

We would like to get married, but because I did not have a personal identification card, I could not finish our marriage registration. Because I practice Falun Gong, my name is on the black list of the police department, my home phone number was tapped and police harassed my family members, trying to get them to turn me in. Without my personal identification, how could I register for the marriage? I felt that it was very hard for me.

Some practitioners told me that Jiang's regime persecutes us and we would not get our ID's back. Why would we need Jiang's regime to recognize the marriage? We can ask our Teacher as well as practitioners to approve the marriage. Some other practitioners also sent me notes telling me that if I do not register my marriage, they would be firmly against it. Other practitioners said that the key of the marriage is not in its external form, but that it is based on the responsibility among your own hearts. Due to the many different opinions, I was very much puzzled. I understood one thing though, that is, the reason why I did not know what to do was because I did not have a clear understanding from the standard of the Fa. Thus in regards to this problem, I was not enlightened from the perspective of the Fa on what to do, so I asked Teacher to give me some hints.

One day, a worker told me a story, "A director of a factory worked very hard, but the boss did not pay him enough of a salary. Therefore the director used the opportunity of increasing the salary of his employees to put more additional money into his own pocket." The boss made a mistake in paying the director less, but under that particular condition, was it right for the director to use that opportunity to gain personal benefit? It is not right for the director to do that. Suddenly I understood my problem. I could not lower my standard or find some excuse and reason for not doing a good job, just because it is hard. I have to take a correct and righteous path in order to be referenced as an example for the future.

I remember that at the beginning of the persecution in 1999, the authorities had spread a rumor that Teacher had changed his birth date. Actually during that unstable historic period, there were a lot of birth dates being incorrectly recorded and a lot of people who did not get registered permanent residence until several years after they had been born. A non-practitioner would not think that this kind of mistake would matter, but our Teacher had corrected the mistake that was made on his birth date. Even though it is a trivial thing, I understood that Teacher had taught us a righteous and bright path. There is also another layer of meaning to this, which differentiates a practitioner from an ordinary person. It is that practitioners have a profound goal, but at the same time pay attention to seemingly minor things. We cannot neglect ordinary society's regulations or principles just because we are cultivators.

I sent forth righteous thoughts, saying that I'm not looking for anything, but just want to show the future's people a righteous principle, which is that people cannot lower their standards or find some excuse and reason for not doing a good job, just because it is hard. The standard will never change.

I went to the public security bureau to get pictures taken for my personal identification. I then let my relatives take my picture to the street office and police station to apply for a new personal identification, but they were not able to. The police refused the application. The reason for their refusal was because I practiced Falun Gong. But some of the police tried to trick me by saying they want to see me. I know what they meant by wanting to see me. Some of them wanted to transform me or asked me to write a so-called "statement of repentance."

It is amazing that in this special land of China, I am able to be a practitioner with righteous thoughts. I truly understand what a Fa-rectification period practitioner is. I have melted into the Fa and have become a particle of Dafa. No matter what, at any time, under any situation, and in facing any problems, I will perform according to the standard of a Dafa practitioner, always being righteous and proper in everything that I do.