(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Shixia is a Dafa practitioner in Shulan City, Jilin Province. She was illegally detained for three months and was almost paralyzed from the torture she received during her detention. She was recently declared innocent and set free, thanks to efforts from Dafa practitioners and other sympathetic people in China and abroad.

Police officers in Shulan City were heard saying, "We had no idea that Falun Gong practitioners are everywhere. We have been receiving lots of overseas calls every day."

Overseas phone calls are greatly effective in shocking and scaring the evil persons. China's local practitioners are also participating in the effort by clarifying the facts to people and exposing the evildoings.

We in China hope our fellow overseas practitioners will continue their efforts to clarify the facts to the deluded Chinese people. We also hope to see more practitioners in China actively exposing the evil deeds done by local bad people. We should collect records of their crimes, note the facts as evidence, and send them to Clearwisdom.net.

December 15, 2003