(Clearwisdom.net, December 21, 2003) On the evening of December 19, 2003, while being interviewed by a local TV station, the Chinese Consul-General in San Francisco, Wang Yunxiang, who was about to leave his post, once again spread lies to defame Falun Gong. Local Falun Gong practitioners immediately went to the TV station to clarify the facts. On December 20, as Wang was going back to China, practitioners held a press conference at the airport to demand that the Chinese government stop extending the persecution to other countries. Practitioners expressed that Wang Yunxiang and anyone who has participated in the persecution of Falun Gong will be investigated and be held responsible, no matter where they are or how long it might take. Wang Yunxiang ignored his proper occupation, and attempted to advance himself by means of defaming Falun Gong and assisting the Jiang regime's atrocities in persecuting kind people.

Demanding an end to the hate propaganda Mr. Zeng Yong accepts interview Mr. and Mrs. Bian Xuzhuang being interviewed

San Francisco Falun Gong spokesman, Mr. Zeng Yong said, "On the evening of December 19, when the Chinese Consul-General in San Francisco, Wang Yunxiang accepted the interview from local TV station, Channel 26, he spread lies to attack Falun Gong. Some practitioners immediately went to the TV station, hoping to clarify the facts to Wang Yunxiang face to face, but he had left already. So we explained the facts to the program host."

The Jiang regime has extended the persecution to other countries though its Embassies and Consulates

Zeng Yong said, "Today, we are conducting a press conference at the San Francisco International Airport, hoping to let Wang Yunxiang know that it is wrong for him to continue the Jiang regime's policy of extending the persecution overseas. In the meantime, we would like to let the new Consul-general know that all Chinese diplomats outside China must be clear that it is not allowed to persecute Falun Gong. As requested in the proposed House Resolution 304, sponsored by members of the U.S. Congress, 'The Government of the People's Republic of China should immediately stop interfering in the exercise of religious and political freedoms within the United States, such as the right to practice Falun Gong, that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution and cease using the diplomatic missions in the United States to spread falsehoods about the nature of Falun Gong.' Aiming at the fact that Wang Yunxiang spread slanderous lies against Falun Gong, we reserve the right to take legal action."

Over the past four years, the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco has been following Jiang's regime's policy to extend the persecution to the U.S. Three years ago, in a TV program hosted by Channel 26, Wang Yunxiang verbally attacked Falun Gong, attempting to deceive the Chinese community. During his official post, he also organized the so-called 'Chinese against Falun Gong symposium'. He sent out a news release in an attempt to mislead the public and create the impression that 'Overseas are against Falun Gong', so as to deceive the Chinese people."

The Chinese diplomats in San Francisco contacted and spread falsehoods against the nature of Falun Gong to the elected government officials in each city in the bay area who supported Falun Gong. They even used various threats in an attempt to hinder elected officials from supporting Falun Gong. Former Mayor of the City of Saratoga, California, Mr. Stan Bogosian and San Francisco City Supervisor, Chris Daly testified before the U.S. Congress and exposed the harassment and pressure exerted by the officials from the Chinese Consulate.

Evidence shows that the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco actively participated in and carried out Jiang's overseas policy of persecuting Falun Gong. On the soil of the U.S., they violated the freedoms of belief, expression and press. They violated Falun Gong practitioners' basic human rights, divided the Chinese community, and spread lies and hatred. All these responsibilities must be borne. We will investigate and ascertain the responsibilities of Wang Yunxiang and anyone who has participated in the persecution of Falun Gong, no matter where they are or how long it may take.

Practitioners expose lies with their own experiences

Aiming at Wang Yunxiang's slanderous lies, Beijing Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Bian Xuzhuang and his wife, Ms. Shen Shumin, who had suffered the persecution when they were in China, said at the press conference, "We are Falun Gong practitioners. We were persecuted by the Jiang regime and were forced to leave home and go abroad. We practiced Falun Gong in China, because Falun Gong taught us to be good people. We benefited from the practice both physically and mentally and our moral standard was also upgraded. Such a good practice is unfortunately suppressed by the Jiang regime. We've encountered many persecutions. In China, our home phone was tapped, our apartment was broken into, and the police officers often came to harass us. During one very cold winter, some police officers broke our windows and besieged us for seven days. Our freedom has been severely violated. There was never the so-called "warm persuasion" as described by Wang Yunxiang. It was completely a fascist-like persecution."

"After we were forced to leave home and go to Thailand, the Chinese Consulate in Thailand even incited local thugs to threaten us. At midnight, they pounded on our door, pretending to be officials from immigration office to question and arrest us. They also exerted pressure on the Thai government to send us back to China so as to further persecute us.

The Chinese Consulate pressured American elected government officials to withdraw their support of Falun Gong

In June 2002, the former Mayor Saratoga, California, Stan Bogosian, testified in the Congress. He pointed out: In November 2000, when he was the Mayor of Saratoga, he issued a proclamation to honor Falun Gong practitioners for their contribution to the community. In the proclamation, he clearly supported Falun Gong practitioners' rights to hold peaceful rallies all over the world. However, he received a phone call from the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco requesting a face to face meeting. When the Consulate representatives came to City Hall, they handed a letter from the Consul to Mr. Bogosian, urging him to retract the proclamation. Mr. Bogosian flatly refused the request. The next day, Mr. Bogosian noticed a car sent by the Chinese Consulate parked outside his house to watch him.

San Francisco City Supervisor Chris Daly also testified in the U.S. Congress. He stated: In his district, many Chinese immigrants called him and told him they had been threatened by the Chinese government. Some American citizens in his district also related similar incidents to him. After learning the situation, he tried to send a message to the Chinese government that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. He raised a brief resolution urging the Chinese government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. On October 5, 2001, as a response to this resolution, the Chinese Consul-general, Wang Yunxiang wrote a letter full of false information to the chairman of the city council, attempting to stifle Mr. Daly's efforts.

Chinese Consulate Official in Toronto, Canada noted in default in libel case

In August of 2003, Canadian Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Joel Chipkar filed a defamation lawsuit against the Chinese Deputy Consul General in Toronto, Pan Xinchuan. Because Pan refused three attempts at service, he lost his opportunity to defend himself and was noted in default in the libel case.

On May first, 2003, Mr. Pan published a signed article in the Toronto Star which accused Mr. Chipkar and other Falun Gong practitioners as being members of a "sinister cult". In August, Mr. Chipkar launched the libel lawsuit against Pan in the Ontario Superior Court.

Mr. Chipkar said the evidence shows that Pan Xinchun spread hatred in Canada and attacked Falun Gong. He said that he hoped this lawsuit would serve as a warning to those who would act this way. They must stop this kind of behavior, or they will be held accountable for their crimes.

Because Pan Xinchun is the Chinese Deputy Consul General in Toronto, regarding whether he would be covered by diplomatic immunity, Mr. Chipkar's attorney, Mr. Downard noted that diplomatic immunity is limited in scope. There have been precedents set in courts, and those who act outside their official functions will not enjoy diplomatic immunity. Mr. Chipkar said he believes that Pan's actions do not correspond with his diplomatic duties, and he should be held responsible for what he has done.