(Clearwisdom.net) The comment made by Teacher on the article "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People" has been published for over two weeks now. (See English version on Clearwisdom.net: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/11/17/42315.html)

Lately there have been many related articles published on the Minghui.net website, most of them discussing the methodology, while very few brought up the topic of understanding this issue based on the Fa. So, I'd like to discuss what we have done in our area and share my own understanding about this subject.

More than a month ago, I suggested that practitioners in our area collect information on the perpetrators' crimes. So far, not much information has been collected. At first I wasn't aware that the practitioners 'had made very little progress. Later, I realized that exposing the local evil was not as simple as I thought it would be. During an experience sharing conference, it dawned on me that in order to keep up with the process of Fa rectification and do this matter well, it is vital that practitioners comprehend this matter based from the Fa.

Teacher mentioned, "I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in Mainland China will do this well." When I first read the comment, "all Dafa disciples" and "new students" made the deepest impression in my mind. I felt that this matter was more important and more significant than I previously thought. But how important is it really? How significant?

We all know from the Fa that Fa-rectification is in the final stages, and that the brutal persecution in Mainland China is heading towards failure. Looking at it from the angle of the whole process of Fa-rectification, the task of "exposing the evil happening locally to the local people" means that Dafa practitioners, as a whole, behave positively instead of passively, by breaking up the old forces and eliminating them, and by giving the remaining evil a most powerful, fatal blow as the Fa-rectification reaches the outer-most surface. This is the turning point for the Fa-rectification in the human dimension. This process also gives Dafa practitioners a chance to clarify the truth in a deeper and subtler manner, and to save sentient beings on a larger scale; in the meantime, it has also laid the foundation for judging the evil during Fa-rectification. From the angle of cultivation, this is also a test for Dafa practitioners (including new practitioners) in Mainland China to see if they are determined to overcome the evil elements which separate their human side from the side that knows, and can truthfully give up their self-ego by melting as a whole into the Fa. Therefore, this matter is a most strict and most complete test for all Mainland China practitioners before the Fa-rectification reaches its final stage. It also provides an accelerated pace for enhancing our levels of cultivation as a whole.

I feel very deeply that the degree to which we are able to accomplish "exposing the evil happening locally to the local people" is an indication of the cultivation level of practitioners as a whole in our area. Therefore, we must help more practitioners realize the deeper meaning of what Teacher said, and help them have a clear understanding of the extraordinary meaning of this matter. This is the key point in whether we'll do well on this matter. At this moment, experience sharing among practitioners is the most effective way to do this. While carrying out this task, in the beginning the troubles and obstacles we encountered were most often related to collecting information on the perpetrators. I think that this obstacle is not solely caused by fellow practitioners' lack of understanding on this matter. Teacher has emphasized many times during the Fa lectures that the number of Dafa practitioners in China is set to be one hundred million, and this is the number that Teacher "must have." We may not be enlightened to the deeper meaning of the Fa right away, but since Master put the number of "must have" to be one hundred million, then there must be a pre-arrangement for all of the one hundred million Dafa particles to develop what they can during the Fa-rectification period. Dafa practitioners exist in every walk of life and rank, every field, and every post in human society, and they take on the duty of their professions and exist in various environments. In order to influence the Fa-rectification and "test" practitioners, and also reach the goal of damaging Fa-rectification, the old forces have made a detailed and evil arrangement for every Dafa practitioner. In other words, evil elements exist adjacent to every Dafa practitioner. Conversely, for each perpetrator, there must be a Dafa practitioner who knows the perpetrator well. Accordingly, it should be fairly easy to collect information on a perpetrator from that corresponding Dafa practitioner. Then why do all the obstacles exist? If the practitioner who has information about a certain perpetrator does not step forward to validate Dafa, or does not recognize the importance of their responsibility and mission from the Fa, and does not recognize the significance of this matter, the task that was supposed to be done by him would not be accomplished due to his own obstacles. Instead, others have no choice but to do it, creating a certain degree of difficultly. We can accomplish the task even under these circumstances, but this is not the best result that Master arranged for us. Since Master does not want to miss saving a single practitioner, he still compassionately creates opportunities for everyone, including new practitioners.

Recently, practitioners in our area vigorously investigated and exposed local perpetrators, all the while clarifying the truth to the public. In order to make practitioners realize their inadequacy in understanding the Fa, and to encourage those practitioners to come forward, as well as to encourage new practitioners to participate during the final stage of the Fa-rectification, more practitioners are stepping forward, joining experience sharing conferences and melting into the group, elevating together as a whole. I feel that these activities are necessary for us to do well in "exposing the evil happening locally to the local people."