December 4, 2003

( Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Xun Ruilin, 49 years old, was from Chengguan Town, Cheng'an County, Handan City, Hebei Province. On August 31, 2003, when he was reading Falun Dafa books together with other practitioners, an informant reported them to the police. Cheng'an County Police Department arrested all 67 of the Dafa practitioners there. The police violently beat up the practitioners, wounding many of them.

In Chengguan Town Police Station, the police cruelly tortured Xun Ruilin, and during the torture, his white shirt turned turned crimson from the blood. To protest the persecution, he went on a hunger strike. The police asked him to tell them the organizer of the meeting, yet he refused to say anything. Three days later, there were wounds all over his body, but he still kept his righteous thoughts and refused to give in. Under the instruction of Handan City "610 Office," Xun Ruilin was transferred to Linzhang County, where Linzhang County Police Department even more relentlessly tortured him. His non-stop hunger strike and the continuous torture severely weakened him. The police in Linzhang caused him further harm through force-feeding. On September 7, 2003, he died from the brutal treatment.

When Xun Ruilin's wife went to Linzhang County to see him, the police did not allow her to. Two days later, she unexpectedly saw her husband's dead body in Linzhang County Hospital. She saw that there were injuries all over his body. His face had many wounds. Blood stains were seen on the corners of his mouth and on his nose. The police threatened Xun Ruilin's wife that she was not allowed to tell anyone about his condition. Neither was she allowed to look into the circumstances of her husband's death. Linzhang County Police Department hurriedly cremated Xun Ruilin's body. Such a kind and good person who cultivated himself by following Truth-Compassion-Tolerance lost his precious life this way.

The phone numbers of the responsible people:

Former Cheng'an County Party Secretary: Wang Haijian, 86-310-3016638 (home), 86-13831056999 (cell)
Chief of Cheng'an County Police Department: Li Zhide, 86-310-7280988 (home), 86-13903305666 (cell)
Deputy Chief of Cheng'an County Police Department: Lu Jianzhang, 86-310-7280968 (home), 86-13703302182 (cell)
Director of Cheng'an County Detention Center: Fan Weisheng, 86-310-7211464 (home), 86-13931042712 (cell)
Chengguan Town Police Station: Wang Xujun, 86-310-7211592 (home), 86-13831037999 (cell)

Phone numbers of Linzhang County Police Department:
Police Department Office, 86-310-7866050
Police Criminal Division, 86-310-7852413
Head of the county, 86-310-7812345
County government office: 86-310-7862473, 86-310-7862344