(Clearwisdom.net) On November 20, 2003, Mayor Lillian H. Webb of the City of Norcross, Georgia, wrote a letter to the Southeastern US Falun Dafa Association.

In her letter, Mayor Webb welcomed Falun Dafa practitioners to the City of Norcross. She wrote: "Welcome to Norcross, Georgia. We are pleased you have chosen Atlanta for the location of your Falun Dafa Practitioners' Experience-Sharing Conference November 28th-30th, 2003. We hope your choice lives up to all your expectations. It is our pleasure to have you in our community and hope you find your visit interesting, informative, and friendly. We know your practice of Falun Dafa is known to improve health, purify minds, uplift spirits and helps to achieve inner peace and tranquility, thus leading to a happier and more meaningful life. Here in Norcross we also know how to live, work and enjoy ourselves."

She said: "All of you make a valuable contribution to your home, your communities and the corporate arena. You serve as a role model for both the younger and older members of our society. You do make a difference. I would like to wish you continued success. May your Falun Dafa Experience-sharing Conference continue to expand while servicing and influencing those around you."