Farmers who understand the truth are now beginning to step into cultivation

There are many Falun Gong practitioners in our village. We have clarified the truth widely and thoroughly. Our righteous thoughts and righteous behavior not only have helped to spread Dafa but also frightened the evildoers. Some farmers have started to approach Dafa positively and some even became practitioners. The majority of farmers have begun to realize what is really going on, and those who understood the truth clearly have opened the path to a bright future for themselves.

The wife of the Village Party Secretary is a Dafa disciple, so the Secretary has some understanding of Dafa. He told Dafa disciples, "I know your business; I am just responsible for relaying information from the top manager. You can do whatever you like and I do not care." The village security person also has a certain level of understanding of Dafa.

One time I spoke to a farmer about the facts of Jiang's staged "Self-immolation." As soon as I mentioned it he said, "I knew that it must be a faked one the first time when it was broadcast on TV over the news program. The incident happened so rapidly and was recorded completely from the beginning to the end, and the recorded images were taken from all directions and many angles. It was so obviously prearranged on purpose. I did not believe it. Falun Gong teaches people to be good, and I will practice it in the future."

A retired police officer understood the facts about the Jiang Regime's staged "Self-immolation"

A retired policeman in a southern city received a CD with the facts regarding the Jiang Regime's staged "Self-immolation." After a few days, this retired police told a Dafa disciple, "I picked up a CD that contains the facts of the staged 'self-immolation,' it looks very interesting. I finally realized that we have all been fooled!"

Declined to be an overseas spy

A co-worker of a Dafa disciple has a child who graduated from college with a major in English. This graduate received a call from a staff member of the Province Police Department and signed a contract with them. When this graduate entered the police department, they informed him that he needed specialized training prior to being sent abroad as a secret agent to spy on Falun Gong activities and practitioners. When his family found out, they did not let him go. They said, "We cannot make a living from this. Even though you signed the contract, you cannot go! We would rather accept a fine than do such a terrible thing."