(Clearwisdom.net) I want to take this opportunity to share my own experience in order to expose Jiang Zemin and his villainous gang's ruinous assault on human nature, morality and hope.

My life

I was born in Beijing and grew up in a relatively affluent family. My parents are both well-known musicians in China. In 1994, after graduating from college, I joined a foreign company in Beijing and was well paid. I always thought I was an average person, because even though I didn't do terrible things, I was not a particularly noble person either. In this material world, in order to prove my abilities and to obtain a comfortable living environment, I did everything I could to make money, including bribing and receiving bribes. Maybe because I was influenced by my family members, who are in the field of music, I always longed for a greater wisdom and a transcending level, and that is why I tried qigong and Tai Chi when I was young, and later became interested in Buddhism. To be honest, however, the qigong and Buddhism books I read didn't inspire me.

In April 1995, I bumped into the book China Falun Gong. I was shocked to find that all my questions about qigong and Buddhism were answered by this book. From this book I also learned how to truly improve myself and I gained a clear understanding of the meaning of life. Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is not only a principle universally acknowledged and praised, and it's not just a concept that sounds wonderful, for when I actually conducted myself according to that principle, I indeed felt its power and dignity. I found that usually when I acted according to Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, whether in family life or at work, the surrounding environment would brighten. Because I didn't fight for fame and fortune and did my best at work, my work performance quickly improved. I came to clearly see that if I didn't practice Falun Gong it would be impossible for me to exhibit such patience and responsibility. My family life also became more harmonious and the conflicts and unruly tempers all disappeared. Whenever conflicts arose, everyone first looked inward to see what he or she had done wrong, so happiness was our companion. When I look back at 1995 and 1996, I find it had been the best and happiest time of my life.

Jiang Zemin viciously persecutes Falun Gong -- physical and psychological persecution

In July 1999, earth-covering persecution against Falun Gong began: all newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations started to repeatedly broadcast slanderous lies about Falun Gong, and Jiang's regime forced all Chinese people to declare their position on the persecution, whether they support or oppose it. Those who opposed it would immediately face forced brainwashing, lose their jobs and freedom, and would suffer further persecution. The scope and depth of the persecution even exceeded the Cultural Revolution, during which time president Liu Shaoqi was called an "enemy of the people," and was persecuted to death. My family's home was ransacked twice and my phone was tapped. In November 1999, I exercised my right as a citizen and went to the Appeal Office to tell my story. As a result, I was illegally detained for 30 days. In June 2000 I was accused of "disturbing social order" and was sentenced to one year of forced labor (later extended to 18 months), just because I persisted in practicing Falun Gong; I did nothing to hurt other people or society. I suffered unimaginable pains and almost lost my life.

"Reform" is the goal of Jiang Zemin and the "610 Office" in their persecution of Falun Gong. In fact, they force you to write the statements promising to give up the practice of Falun Gong, and even try to force you to curse Falun Gong and its founder. The "610 Office" even set a "reform" quota for labor camps to judge the "achievement" of the camps. Moreover, the "610 Office" and the "Anti-evil-cult Association" directly took part in coming up with various means of persecution; they compiled them and then distributed them to the labor camps. These booklets are very detailed but the perpetrators absolutely didn't dare to publish them widely because they know their evil deeds are too base to be exposed under the full light of day for all to see. The labor camps used a series of brainwashing methods to target every single Dafa practitioner, and they used different approaches on different people. In order to reach their goal, they forced practitioners to write the articles even though they knew the practitioners were writing against their own will. They didn't stop to think for one second whether their method was legal, what damage it would do to humanity, dignity and morality, or what psychological damage it would do to the victim.

For example, when dealing with people who are timid and easily scared, the police use threats, terror and violence to shake their will; after the practitioner softens, they immediately lie and promise sentence reductions and other "rewards" to induce a change; for people who are not very clear on Fa principles, the police would toss out a set of lies and deceptive slander to make the practitioner believe that practicing Falun Gong is against the Party and the government; for those who missed their family, the police would ask the family to "advise," or they would lie about one's family in order to change the practitioner's will; those fearing hardship would be forced to do the most backbreaking and filthy work; those who cherished their physical body would be intentionally brutalized. All in all, whatever one was attached to, the police would target the persecution to exploit it. If the practitioners persisted in practicing Falun Gong, they would constantly change the "educators," ridiculing and cursing, and physically and psychologically attacking. Their goal is to eliminate one's self-confidence. At the same time, they intensify physical torture to physically and mentally exhaust the practitioners in a long run, and then look for the opportunity to destroy them.

If all else fails, they will send people who "didn't reform completely" to interfere with steadfast practitioners. These people had compromised under pressure, but still think Dafa is good and they still want to practice after they get out. But because they are afraid of persecution, they defend "reform" the best they can, and they try to encourage an acceptance of reform like they did and advocate that practitioners give up their belief against their true will. If practitioners were "reformed" this way, the police would immediately send another group of "completely reformed" people to "solidify the victory." The police constantly force the practitioners to study "reform" materials, write self-criticisms, slander Dafa, etc. The materials include slanders of Dafa and Master, intentional twisting of Master's lectures and scriptures, and slanders of Falun Gong practitioners. Every time a practitioner writes an article, every time he undergoes a brainwashing activity, he would deviate further and further from justice and his conscience. After reaching a certain extent, the practitioner would grow numb and willingly give up his belief, or would make up various excuses to deceive himself and others, or would agree with the perpetrators' ridiculous opinions. There are too many such cases in labor camps. If all these fail, the police would remove their mask and reveal their true face, that is, they would resort to violence and villainous means, including framing and making the excuses to extend the terms, to brutally persecute the practitioners.

(To be continued)