Recently when I exchanged insights on lawsuits with other practitioners, we had some disputes due to our different understandings. This made me reconsider the issue of rectifying myself and being responsible to Dafa.

In the past when I disagreed with a fellow practitioner's opinion and a dispute arose, I was always very angry at his adhering stubbornly to his own opinions since I believed that he was not being responsible to Dafa. To prevent him from causing losses to Dafa, I must be responsible to Dafa and point out his mistakes and rectify them. But I did not realize that the other practitioner shared the same idea about me. So, what is truly being responsible to Dafa during a deadlock?

During experience sharing, practitioners mentioned that only by rectifying ourselves could we be responsible to Dafa. Rectifying ourselves includes studying the Fa attentively every day, looking inwards by nature when coming across a problem, and working toward eliminating all thoughts and deeds which are inconsistent with the Fa by using righteous thoughts. And in the meantime, we must consider if our actions will do harm to other practitioners or not. First of all, we must rectify ourselves, and then consider all contradictions and disputes. Getting rid of the selfish idea of "for myself", we will only have approval and gratitude instead of indignation from practitioners with different opinions. "Oh. This matter can be viewed in another way. I never considered an issue so comprehensively." Thus I have felt once more how mysterious it is for Master Li to arrange those who practice together with us.