(Clearwisdom.net) In the course of truth clarification of Falun Dafa oftentimes I've felt myself and other practitioners are obsessed about persuading others to believe what we tell them. We've tried using all sorts of statistics and examples to convince others. Probably it's because of such hard-to-notice attachments we have that make others reluctant to accept our point of view. Especially for those highly educated people and those who think of themselves as good at judging right and wrong.

What we're doing now is revealing the truth of Dafa to society. As long as the facts are revealed, it generates the desired effect. If we try to prove that we as the speakers are right, it weakens the strength of truth clarification.

When clarifying the truth about Dafa we should guide people to think in depth and let them arrive at their own conclusions. Nowadays most people don't have a clear understanding about Dafa and their conscious mind is covered by lies and propaganda from the Chinese government. If we don't guide them to consider fundamental issues, it's hard for people to accept the truth.