(Clearwisdom.net) I am an engineer working in an experimental field at the Headquarters of the General Staff. I had been doing scientific research in a very harsh environment for 18 years. That was when my health broke down.

In 1994, in the No. 301 Hospital, after having a CT test, I learned that I had a malignant neuroglioma (a kind of brain tumor) of the second grade. Just a few days after the diagnosis, I was unable to move. I had the tumor surgically removed at the No. 301 Hospital, which took 7 hours. 54 days later, when I was re-examined, I had a relapse. A 4cm x 3cm tumor was detected this time. By the 84th day the tumor was 6cm x 5cm. The doctors at the No.301 Hospital felt quite helpless. They asked me to go home. My only choice was to wait for my death. My wife brought the negative before and after the surgery to another hospital for consultation. The director of brain surgery, an old professor, studied the file and told my wife, "Do not cry. Since surgery can't remove it, the only choice is to try to keep it from getting worse." My wife asked him how much time I had left. He said, "Based on the current situation, 3 month at the most."

My wife refused to quit and consulted the Beijing Anticancer Association. She was told of an anticancer powder, which is particularly effective on brain tumors. With no other choice, I practiced Qigong while taking the medication. The condition seemed to be better controlled. However, my work unit could not reimburse me for the medical expenses. I had to pay 800 Yuan RMB (Approximately 1-2 month salary of an average urban worker) each month for the medication. The total salary my wife and I made together was only 850 Yuan. The life of our family was very difficult.

During the time I was ill, my wife suffered from both mental and economic pressures. Her health finally broke down. Her hair turned white. She developed many diseases, including a pelvic infection, enteritis, gastritis, and other diseases. The No. 301 Hospital suggested she be hospitalized. But our children and I needed her. If she had not found Falun Dafa, I'm not sure what we all would have done. Falun Dafa helped her in sustaining the family. My wife began to practice Falun Dafa in 1995. On the second day of her practice, she developed diarrhea. She ran to the bathroom seven to eight times a day for two whole months. Even so, her mental condition was excellent. She felt very energetic. Her whole body felt very light while walking. 3 months later, all of her diseases totally disappeared. Her health completely recovered and her hair gradually turned from white to black. I felt such happiness in my heart! When she practiced the sitting meditation at night, I felt a clear, strong energy coming from her. I was moved to read the two books, Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun. The profound teachings of Teacher Li Hongzhi deeply moved me. Now I understand the reason for being a human being, the purpose of my life and the reason for my illness. Falun Dafa woke me up from the delusion.

We both became Falun Dafa practitioners. I tried hard to practice and genuinely cultivate myself according to the universal principles "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance." On the third day of practice, all of the symptoms before and after surgery showed up again. I felt pain in my back and legs. When I did the "Holding the Wheel above the Head" exercise, my head felt as heavy as a rock. At noontime on October 23, I suffered such a severe headache that I felt like my head would explode. I felt so sick and weak, and I wanted to throw up. As sick as I was, I persisted in practicing the exercises and studying the Fa. After two days, a dent appeared on the right side of the lesion. When I received the surgery the year before, doctors removed a piece of bone from my right temple; it is called a "decompression window." On December 25, I felt pain around the decompression window. I could hardly open my mouth to eat. The pain was gone after one week. On December 30, at about 12:10 A.M., I woke up and felt a strong hot stream penetrating my body, just like on a hot summer day. I had sweat all over my body. At about two o'clock in the early morning, I experienced the same thing for the second time. It was so obvious that the Teacher was adjusting and purifying my body. From then on, all those symptoms on my body disappeared.

After a half year of practice I completely recovered. Since then my health has always been good. It is Falun Dafa that gave me a second life. In December 1995, the work unit assigned me a new apartment. When remodeling it, I could carry a 100 Jin (50 kg) bag of cement from the first floor to the fifth floor. I did not feel any fatigue in over 20 days of work. I felt I had endless strength. In fact, I am even stronger than before I got ill. In the spring, it was time to plant trees. As a veteran Party member and also a Falun Dafa practitioner, I tried to do some tough work like digging the hole for planting the tree. The size of the hole was 1.5 square meters big and 1.5 meters deep. There were a lot of big rocks there. I worked hard, and I was able to finish more than what I was asked to do.

Falun Dafa teaches us that a practitioner should always be a good person. In the work unit I did the dirty and tough jobs, and considered others all the time. I gave up fame and personal interest. In March of this year, the supervisor told me that they wanted to suggest my name to the authorities as a candidate for "outstanding worker." They also asked me to work through some private channel as compensation for my low rank. Compared to veterans working as long as I had, my rank was two grades lower. Before practicing Falun Dafa, I complained a lot about that because I felt my contribution and my reward were disproportionate. Since I became a practitioner, I have tried to take fame and interest lightly, and truly be a good person. I told the supervisor, " I am not qualified for the title of outstanding worker. I have been on sick leave for a year and a half. The work unit has paid so much money for my medical expenses. I have already received so much. Please give this opportunity to someone else." In June, when the Science Research Office asked me to write an article "Good Party Members around Me" for the half-year work evaluation summary, I left this honor for others.

Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe - a law of mighty virtue. It has not only saved my life, but also purified my spirit.