Practitioners detained in Hehuakeng Labor Camp (mainly male practitioners) have been ruthlessly tortured. Many have been tortured to disability or even to death. Meng Jincheng from Zunhua city was sent to the labor camp on July 7th, 2003 and was beaten to death on the same day. Another practitioner, Yin Rongzhi from Qinhuangdao City is an official at the Yaohua Glass Import and Export Corporation in Qinhuangdao City. He has been sent to labor camp twice. He used to be very strong but now he is unable to walk due to the brutal torture. Wei Danquan from Shanhaiguan City has been beaten nearly to death many times. To protest the torture, detained practitioners are now on hunger strike.

There are also many practitioners (mostly females) detained at the Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan. The situation is very grave for them too.

The list of police who are responsible for torturing practitioners:

Hehuakeng Labor Camp:

Chief assistant in the sixth division: Wang Yulin (responsible for the death of Meng Jincheng. He has also tortured many other determined practitioners)
Director of the sixth division: Wang Ying
Head of the sixth division: Li Xiaozhong
Assistant instructor of the sixth division: Wang Yong
Party chief of the sixth division: Gao Yongjing

Kaiping Labor Camp (also known as Hebei First Labor Camp):

Head: Xu Deshan
Assistant: Ruan Daguo
Former director of the management office: Zhao and assistant: Li Qiang, Zhang
Current director of the management office: Hao
Police: Zhou Junming, Yan Hongli, Ge Yamin, Wei Qun, Yang Haifeng, Li Haoyi, Li Yuru, Liu Liying, Wang Yan, Zhao Yan, Jia Xiumei, Liu Liying, Wei Tao, Wang Xueli, Zhang Huiqing and Wang Jianzhong