A Poem:

When every page of the calendar has been flipped,

When this calamity of the Colossal Firmament is about to become history,

For the fortunate us who come upon this predestined occasion of the Fa rectifying the Colossal Firmament,

Looking back on our path of cultivation

Each step is the embodiment of Teacher's boundless compassion and infinite grace.

Wipe away the dim haze in our eyes,

And witness Dafa's magnificence and grandeur,

Leaving behind bits and pieces of tales

That will become the legend of "Truth Compassion Forbearance."

Yesterday when I entered Ding (tranquility) I saw many magnificent and majestic scenes. I would like to share them with everybody. This is for reference only as my understanding is limited. Please take the Fa as guidance.

As soon as I reached tranquility I discovered there were numerous righteous gods lined up in formation in that dimension. Those few remaining evil elements left behind in Fa-rectification were trying desperately to escape to the outermost surface layer. The closer Fa-rectification came to the final stage the more frenzied they became, and some had totally lost their senses. In the human dimension, they manifested as: News that slandered Dafa, and heinous tactics employed against Dafa practitioners in the detention centers. They tried to exploit and amplify the yet to be discarded attachments of Dafa practitioners in an attempt to interfere and disrupt the Fa-rectification. Specifically, they made the Dafa practitioners who had been doing well to become complacent and to pursue comfort, get themselves entangled in ordinary human affairs, and in time to behave like everyday people. Some are being severely persecuted. The remaining emotions among fellow practitioners was exploited under the guise of "experience sharing" and "Fa-rectification,".

to drain their time and energy; their limited financial resources earmarked for the salvation of sentient beings were diverted to other uses. Our attachment to fear and our apathy were exploited so that we were reluctant to see the "truth of the persecution," thus seriously undermined our overall strength and effectiveness. During our Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts, they went all out to interfere with us.

The closer it is to the end, the stricter we must conduct ourselves. This is the crucial moment for being responsible to ourselves and the sentient beings; we must handle ourselves well!

After this scene vanished, I seemed to have arrived at a different dimension. This place was incomparably pristine and beautiful--crystal clear sky, lush greenery, turquoise blue water, and transparent beings and objects gleaming with soothing and colorful lights. While I was watching, a most majestic scene appeared in the sky. Variegated colorful clouds appeared on the horizon, followed by countless lotus flowers. Then as I watched more closely, Teacher emerged! Teacher was riding on a rainbow-colored, multi-layered transparent lotus-pedestal. He was wearing a golden kasaya, holding one hand vertically in front of the chest, and emanating all divine power and Fa-implements. The boundless Buddha light illuminated the entire Colossal Firmament. All sorts of beautiful Fa music were playing, and many kinds of flowers were descending from high above. Countless Falun of different sizes were spinning and twirling with a variety of style and speed. After a little while a book of Historical Records appeared, and it seemed to be closing.

When this scene disappeared, I saw the golden Fa boats. These Fa boats were arranged in tiers. Perhaps the realms where Dafa practitioners were going were all different, hence the Fa boats had different appearances and structure. Dafa practitioners on the boats all had the appearances of Kings and Lords of the infinite universes. Their bodies were transparent and of different colors of the rainbow. Many of them were holding pens and banners used during the Fa-rectification. Of course they were not the original objects from the human realm, but were objects transformed for other realms. They became Fa-implements. Their sentient beings all showed sincere and infinite devotion towards their Lords and Kings, many with tears in their eyes. I was deeply touched by the purity of their hearts.

At that moment I seemed to recognize another inner connotation of "compassion." Compassion was to bear. Gods only looked at sentient beings' one thought at the moment of awakening. All other karma, injustices, etc. would be resolved and bore by Teacher. How much would one have to bear in order to resolve the mountain high black substance! On the other hand, the saved sentient beings would only be eternally grateful to their Kings and Lords, they would never know about our Teacher...

After I came out of tranquility, I could not hold back my tears. I could no longer look for excuses for my not striving diligently. Now would be that "An instant would be forged into eternity" moment that we must seize to be the consummated beings that Teacher wished of us, and for the sentient beings that we pledged to save.