(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner told me a story that she had experienced while distributing truth-clarifying materials in a village with a fellow practitioner. Though she said many times that she had not done well, and that the things she did were not worthy of mentioning in comparison with other practitioners' remarkable righteous thoughts and righteous deeds she had read reported on Minghui Net, in the process of writing down their truth clarifying experiences, my heart was touched at every moment.

I felt like I was with them, climbing mountains, crossing rivers, risking their lives to deliver truth-clarifying materials to the most remote and isolated villages where people have not heard the truth about Falun Gong. Here is their story.

* * * * *

Some time ago, Zhenzhen (pseudonym) came back from her college for the summer break. She came to find me, and asked me to go with her to distribute truth-clarifying materials to a very remote village where nobody had learned the truth of Dafa. I hesitated, since I had just been to several outlying villages to distribute materials with some other practitioners a few days before.

It would take the whole night, and I still had to go to work the next day. Also, my husband would have to take care of our two grandsons by himself. I also felt I needed to reserve time to study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and practice the five sets of exercises, so there would not be much time left.

I am in my fifties, and though I often went to villages to distribute truth-clarifying materials, I felt that the remote village Zhenzhen was planning to visit was really too far away. Would I be able to handle it at my age? However, I thought it over. Clarifying the truth was not just some kind of job which could be partly done today with a rest done tomorrow. As Dafa practitioners, we truly need to clarify the truth with compassion from our hearts. This is our duty.

Even though we were well prepared, it was much more difficult that we had imagined. At 8:00 p.m. the next day, we rented a small truck and set off. After riding for some time, the driver didn't want to go any further. We offloaded our bicycles from the truck, and rode on them from there.

It was a long and narrow valley, with mountains on one side and a river on the other. The road was so rugged that it was difficult to travel in the darkness. We didn't see any households until we had ridden in the dark for a very long time. Zhenzhen and I put our bicycles in a cornfield, and started walking.

After we walked for a while, we could see the village. We crossed a bridge and went in. I learned from Zhenzhen that there was only one road in this village, and it was a dead end. We would have to return the same way we had come. Based on my experiences from many trips of distributing materials to villages, the risk was very high if one started to randomly distribute the materials right after entering the village without knowing the landscape. Further, we had brought a lot of materials this time and planned to distribute them all in this village; therefore we must use wisdom. I suggested that we walk to the other end of the village, and distribute the material door to door. Upon completion, we would have reached the entrance to the village.

We walked into the village. People were all asleep after working for the day, and everything was quiet. They could not imagine that late in the night, an old lady and a young girl would pass by their front doors, risking their lives to clarify the truth to them, to tell them "Falun Dafa is good," to drive away the dark and dense haze of the evil lies that were poisoning their hearts.

On such a calm night, the sound of our footsteps went out very far. Although I'd experienced this many times, the footsteps were just like loud and clear sounds of a bell constantly hitting my heart. I couldn't help being touched, and a compassionate warmth came to my heart. Truly, as long as people could be saved by having a righteous mind towards Dafa, I wouldn't regret my efforts no matter how much I had to sacrifice, even if I had to sacrifice my life!

We walked to the end of the village and started to distribute materials. As we walked towards the entrance to the village, we distributed the material door to door. We posted stickers in clear and noticeable places. This village was in a valley and was made up of blocks, each of which was composed of three, five or about a dozen households. The households were not very closely located, but spread over a long distance. It would take more time and effort than distributing materials in ordinary towns. And it was easy to go in, but difficult to get out, so the risk was high. Therefore this time we wanted to make sure we did it thoroughly and well, to let these people who didn't have the opportunity to learn the truth fully understand the grandness of Dafa spreading widely in the human world, and to expose the deceiving lies that the evil relied on to survive.

We distributed flyers as we walked along. We did it very successfully along the way, until we reached the entrance of the elementary school. At this moment, the roaring sound of a motorcycle came from a far distance. We looked up, and saw around three motorcycles. I immediately took Zhenzhen to the back of the school. Soon the motorcycles passed by, and after a while they came back. The man on the motorcycle said, "It is impossible for them to walk so fast, there is only one road." They were the policemen from the local police station.

Probably some villagers who did not know the truth had reported us. A few policemen were there guessing and talking, and we heard them very clearly. There was only one road in. If the police stayed in town, it would be hard to think about what might happen after daybreak. At the critical moment, should we be steadfast with righteous thoughts or allow fear to control us?

I was firm in my belief in Dafa and steadfast in my belief that Teacher would safeguard us. We came to clarify the truth, not to suffer persecution. When facing interference and persecution in truth clarification from the old evil forces, our righteous thoughts must be strong.

Zhenzhen and I walked towards the back of the school, and behind the school was wormwood taller than a person. We sat down in the wormwood field, and people from the outside could not see us. I said to Zhenzhen, "Let's send forth righteous thoughts." Zhenzhen nodded her head, "Sure." I looked at my watch carefully; it was five minutes to twelve o'clock, exactly the time for practitioners worldwide to send forth righteous thoughts together. Once we put our palms up, gradually, their voices disappeared, the sound of motorcycles also disappeared, and everything turned quiet.

After sending forth righteous thoughts, we returned to the road. The policemen could no longer be seen. We continued to walk and distribute the truth-clarifying materials. When we had finished, we were already outside the village. At this moment, a fog started to form, and it was very dense. In order to avoid the police who might be waiting at the intersections, we decided not to cross the bridge but to wade through the river. Fortunately the water level here was very low, so we waded through the river, crossed the cornfield, and found our bicycles.

We returned along the way that we had come. The road was narrow and difficult to travel. The river was beside the road; the further we went, the deeper the river was. With a little lack of caution, our lives would be in danger. This was the only way out, along the main road. If the police were hiding and waiting at the entrance to the main road, we would have nowhere to turn.

As Dafa disciples, not only should we have righteous thoughts, but also we need to have wisdom and be rational, and treat this lightly. Therefore, we had to reach the main road as soon as possible, before daybreak. The road in the dark became unusually long. We did not have any sleep or a single drop of water all night. When we climbed the mountain in front of us, I felt exhausted. I kept myself up, and thought that Dafa practitioners should be able to endure any suffering. This was really nothing, and I could make it. I said to Zhenzhen, "When we go down the hill, you follow me. Follow me wherever I ride." She said, "Sure." I held the bicycle brake, and gradually loosened it as I rode down the hill, while Zhenzhen followed closely behind me.

Nothing could be seen clearly during the night. The road was bumpy, and stones were all over the place. It would be very dangerous if one couldn't control the brake well, and one could easily fall while riding downhill. However, if we walked with the bicycle, it would be impossible for us to reach the main road by daybreak. I pretty much depended on my intuition to ride down.

When the wheels hit a rock, I was suddenly thrown off the bicycle, and the chain also fell off. Zhenzhen asked me, "Aunt, are you alright?" I said I was fine. I got back up and rode the bicycle. The trust of my fellow practitioner gave me a lot of courage, and Teacher's safeguarding me at every moment gave me strong righteous thoughts to face all difficulties. In this night of truth clarification, Zhenzhen and I melted as a solid and indestructible one body.

I fell off four times riding down the mountain, but as soon as I fell, I immediately got up and continued on the bicycle. If I were an ordinary person, my bones might have broken. However, I am a Dafa disciple. I have Teacher, the Fa, and a fellow practitioner. The wind blew over my face and I broke through the heavy fog. The mind of "with an air of supremacy and of destroying all evil in the cosmos" ("Righteous thoughts") arose from my heart. My righteous thoughts were strong enough to destroy all the evil beings in the other dimensions in the dark.

In the heavy fog, we finally overcame all difficulties and arrived at the entrance of the main road. There were no police hiding there. There were only the two of us, one old and one young. Welcoming us from the fog was the breaking day. I took a look at my watch. It was 4:30 a.m. I felt really tired. I said to Zhenzhen, "You are young, you go first, you don't have to wait for me." Zhenzhen said, "I still have some truth-clarifying materials, I'll find a place to finish distributing them." Then she went away. I was left alone and rode the bicycle slowly. I was so thirsty that I felt my throat almost burning. I clenched my teeth and continued cycling towards home.

Shortly thereafter, I finally got home. When I got to my house, I looked at myself in the mirror. My whole body was covered with mud. My head and face were all dirty. Both of my legs were swollen and thick. I looked at my watch: it was 6:00 a.m. the time for practitioners all over the world to send forth righteous thoughts together again. In the process of doing this, I felt tired and suffering, and sometimes the pressure was heavy, but when I truly completed it from the bottom of my heart, I felt very light in my heart and felt a true upgrading of my Xinxing.

Compared to those practitioners who are righteous in their thoughts and deeds, I know I am very far behind. I always ask myself: What is the meaning of the existence of a Dafa disciple? What should a Dafa disciple do? When I understand this, I strictly discipline myself according to the standards of the Fa, behave according to, "With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, he is diligent without letting up." ("A Righteous God") and not let down Teacher's compassionate salvation.