(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in 1995. I have always proudly thought of myself as a veteran practitioner, but now I feel that I don't quite meet the standard of a true practitioner. For close to two years since 2002, I had not studied the Fa with a calm mind, and I did not do the exercises much. I sent righteous thoughts so seldom that it was pathetic. Not until October 27, 2003, did I again listen to the "Teacher's Lecture in Jinan" cassette tapes that I stored away carefully for more than two years. I remembered only one sentence by Teacher after listening to all 8 cassettes: Whether or not your mind is on the Fa.

On October 31, 2003, I took a bus to visit a fellow practitioner. On my way to the bus station I thought, "I am on my way to a fellow practitioner's home and I won't post truth-clarification materials today. That way no one can arrest me. I must return home safely." Immediately, another thought immerged, "Even though I am on my way to his home, why don't I post truth-clarification material? Why should I be arrested? Am I doing anything wrong? Why can't I post the flyers and also return home safely? Who has given me this improper thought? This is definitely not in accordance with the Fa. Purge that thought. I won't take anything that is not based on the Fa. I will post the flyers and will return home safely. Teacher asked us to tell the truth about the persecution and to save sentient beings. Only the evil would keep me from posting flyers."

Yet I just could not muster the courage to post the flyers while looking at the people sweeping the street and pedestrians nearby. Another thought popped up, "There are too few people here, go find a more crowded place to post the flyers. Only the good people can see me posting the flyers, the bad people can not see me." Then I started thinking to myself, this was not right, "Why shouldn't the bad people see? There are no more bad people around because the evil was scared and on the run." I thought, "I must post the flyers. Every single thought of mine must be completely based on the Fa. I won't allow any thoughts forced on me by the evil."

I could sense that my righteous thoughts were gaining strength and I kept purging my own improper thoughts. When I got to the bus station, I figured that I would post the flyer as soon as I saw the bus coming and then quickly hop on the bus and leave. That is how I usually get it done. Yet I waited for nearly ten minutes and still did not see the bus coming. I told myself to post the flyer no matter what. So I posted the flyer right on the bus station sign. The bus that I was waiting for arrived in less than two minutes.

I could only understand the Fa to this level. As soon as an idea pops out, check right away to see whether it conforms to Dafa or it was forced upon us by the evil. Reject it, repel it and eradicate it if it was not discussed within the Fa, taught by Teacher, and does not conform to the Fa. When I was writing this experience-sharing article, I thought often that my education was lacking and I could not express my thoughts well. I nearly held it back. But I thought again, if my mind were on the Fa, then what I write would be good. Please kindly correct any shortcomings in my experience.