(Clearwisdom.net) On November 14, 2003, Dehui City's Public Security Department unlawfully put thirteen Falun Dafa practitioners, who had been detained in the Dehui Detention Center, on trial. Because of a long-term hunger strike to protest this detainment, and because of the abuse he experienced, Dafa practitioner Liu Dianling was unconscious. Sun Qian and Jia Yunxia were not given the ability to legally defend themselves, yet they were put on trial.

The above-mentioned Dafa practitioners were illegally detained with an extension of one year. Dehui City's law enforcement departments not only didn't release them, but still put them on trial despite the fact that they were denied the ability to defend themselves. This is such a vicious act that some Dafa practitioners held hunger strikes to protest the illegal detention for one month and they are already on the verge of death. The police forcibly injected the Dafa practitioners with drugs in order to deceive the public and unjustly place these Dafa practitioners on trial. The staff's conduct is inhuman and they have exhibited their heartless nature.

After receiving news that thirteen Dafa practitioners would be put on the trail on the 14th, Dehui City practitioners acted as a whole body, and on 13th and 14th sent forth righteous thoughts on the hour to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions. Some practitioners continuously sent forth righteous thoughts 24 hours a day, some practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts in close proximity for that day, and some practitioners called higher authorities to expose this unlawful trial.

The persecution of the thirteen Dafa practitioners detained in the prison is also the persecution of each practitioner and of our whole body. We should understand the Fa from the perspective of the Fa and take vigorous action to support and rescue them. Fellow practitioners, our detained practitioners are suffering brutal persecution and their lives are in danger. Under no circumstances will we be cold and detached from their situation. Master said, "You have to rescue your fellow cultivators and Dafa disciples--we can't let the evil persecute them wildly and without restraint" (Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference).

The evil beings are frantic. Many of the above thirteen Dafa practitioners will likely be secretly or publicly sentenced. I suggest that, after hearing this news, all practitioners in Dehui City send forth strong righteous thoughts every day to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions which are persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners, and let the evil beings' unlawful trial fall apart. In the mean time, I urgently appeal to practitioners abroad to help rescue their fellow practitioners in peril.

Related responsible units, people involved and their telephone numbers:

Secretary of Dehui City's Political and Judiciary Committee, Zhou Hongwu: 86-431- 7237559 (office), 86-431-7219988 (home), 86-13943121016 (cell) or 86-13904397518

Director of Dehui City's Public Security Bureau, Guo Guangtian: 86-431-7222192 (office), 86-431-7275949 (home), 86-13804397339 (cell)
Assistant Director, Wang Chengsen: 86-431-7233759 (office), 86-431-7265669 (home), 86-13844111888 (cell)

Director of the Political Security Section of Dehui City's Public Security Bureau, Zhao Yujie 86-431-7222053 (office), 86-431-7224923 (home), 86-13504397188 (cell)
Assistant Director, Zhang Qingchun: 86-431-7264567 (home), 86-13630545335 (cell)

Chief Prosecutor of the Dehui City Prosecutors, Zhang Hongshan: 86-431-7272885 (office), 86-431-7279888 (home), 86-13904393999

Prosecution Branch 2 of the Dehui City Prosecutor, Sun Yongchao: 86-431-7272884 ext. 417 (office)

Director of Dehui City Court, Zhao Hongtian: 86-431-7223401 (office), 86-431-7212111 (home), 86-13904397689 (cell) or 86-13578816699 (cell)
Chief of the Administration Courtyard of the Dehui City Court, Wang Jisheng: 86-13604392996 (cell)

Dehui City's "610 Office" Director, Li Yuke: 86-431-7234600 (office), 86-13943021087 (cell)

Director of Dehui City Detention Center, Ding Richao: 86-431-7273438 (office), 86-8225551 (cell)
Assistant Director, Liu Yuhu: 86-13086827618 (cell)
Detention center guard, 86-431-7275375
Detention center medical worker, Li Yazhou: 86-8225552 (cell)