Truth about the Persecution

Police from the National Security Bureau (NSB) committed another atrocity. Under orders from Liu Fangquan, on October 18, the division head for the Weiyuan County National Security Bureau in Sichuan Province ordered the police of the NSB to abduct Dafa practitioner Wang Yong and illegally sentenced him to one-and-half years of forced labor. Later, they also abducted practitioners Chen Yuqing and Mao Junhua. Chen Yuqing previously suffered severe trauma while on a work errand and is still being detained at Zizhong County Detention Center.

The police officers at Division Four (the former Division Two) from the Chaoyang Labor Camp in Liaoning Province cruelly tortured Dafa practitioners with high-voltage electric batons numerous times. This was done under the leadership of Jin, head of the labor camp, and Qi Yongshun, a division head. They shocked each practitioner with seven to eight electric batons at a time, which injured the practitioners' health.

Zhu Zunren, head of the Security Division at the Daqing Petroleum Administration Installation Company conspired with willing perpetrators from the Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau's "610 Office."* They worked together for more than the last six months, to achieve the so-called "100% transformation ratio," to constantly harass and persecute numerous Dafa practitioners who practiced at home. They loitered outside the practitioners' homes, banged on their windows, coerced, threatened, terrorized and abducted the practitioners. So far, at least 10 Dafa practitioners have been harassed and persecuted. Moreover, they also forcibly took away Dafa books, held brainwashing classes, illegally withheld the practitioners' salary, and unlawfully sent the practitioners to forced labor.

"What goes around comes around," as the saying goes.

Retribution for evildoing:

Zhang Shaoshan, head of the Linhu Street Committee in the Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, had persecuted Dafa practitioners. He was recently demoted and is suffering from prostrate problems, heart disease, high blood pressure and other illnesses.

Zhao Xuelin, head of the Songshan District Police Precinct in Chifeng City viciously persecuted Dafa practitioners. In October 2003, a robber murdered his only son.

(Belated News): Zhang Bin, a retired employee of Shenhe District's No. 1 Railroad Administration in Shenyang City believed the evil propaganda spread by Jiang's regime and cursed Dafa in front of everyone. In the morning of April 28, 2002, he fell to the ground and died in his neighborhood compound.

Zhang Guoming, the Party secretary for Xuzhuang Village, Jing County, Hebei Province persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, often stalking them. The police illegally arrested many practitioners because of Zhang Guoming's reports. The people of Xuzhuang Village said, "If you do bad things to people, you'll receive retribution sooner or later." In October 2003, Zhang Guoming was diagnosed with cancer.

Zhou Guiren, head of Qinjiatun Town's Paper Factory in Gongzhuling City persecuted Dafa practitioners and unreasonably fired the practitioners' family members. He is bedridden right now and relying on medications to sustain his life.

Wang Tie, a vicious officer from the Shangji Police Department in Suileng County persecuted Dafa practitioners for a long time. He furthermore led other perpetrators to wipe out painted signs with statements supporting Falun Dafa. When he unlawfully interrogated Dafa practitioners he brutally beat them. This police officer died from cancer this year.

Wang Zhenyou, the former village head for Gaozhangzi Village, Dongcheng Development District, Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province collaborated with the police to abduct two Dafa practitioners and sent them to a brainwashing class. In May 2002, he again helped the police department to abduct two other practitioners and take them to the brainwashing class. In October 2002, he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and died in January 2003.

In May 2001, Xu Ming, the head of Jiamusi's Infectious Disease Hospital abducted Dafa practitioner Xu Chenghua and sent him to a brainwashing class. In April 2002, he abducted another practitioner, practitioner Yang Wenjun, a hospital employee. In August 2002, he was involved in a traffic accident and as a result sustained a severe wound on his right thigh. The wound affected the bone and developed gangrene. In the summer of 2003, he spent more than 100,000 yuan to have his infected bone surgically removed.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Mentality and the power of righteous thoughts: one day at 7:00 p.m., when I first sat down and began sending righteous thoughts, I felt my hand and body became one part and I could not move. My mind was very pure. At this time, I remembered Master's words, " with the wave of a Buddha's hand all of the human race's sicknesses could vanish" (Zhuan Falun). I waved my hand and thought "all the evil in the cosmos is completely eliminated." When this thought flashed through my mind, my body became incredibly gigantic and my hand became incredibly gigantic. When I sent the thought "eliminate" it felt as if the cosmos I thought about was completely covered by the word "eliminate" under my palm and I had the power to completely root out all evil in the cosmos. When I uncrossed my legs I saw that I had sent forth righteous thoughts for 35 minutes, but it only felt like 15 minutes. At 8:00 p.m., I returned to the same place to send forth righteous thoughts again (perhaps because of my attachments), but I was very excited and could not calm my mind, so I could not be in the same state again. I realized our minds must be absolutely pure when sending forth righteous thoughts, and we cannot have any bit of an attachment. Then our righteous thoughts will be powerful.

  • "610 Office" [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.]

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