(Clearwisdom.net) Inspired by other Minghui schools over the world, Seattle Falun Dafa practitioners set up the Minghui School last month. After over one months of operating, children liked the school and now some non-practitioner families also send their child to the school.

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When a child is born, he/she is very pure. If a child can study the Fa from a very young age, he/she will benefit from it the whole life. During the Fa-rectification process, we saw many little practitioners demonstrate righteous thoughts and their behaviors have a good impact on their family members and other practitioners.

Many oversea Chinese offspring don't speak Chinese at home because they have to speak English to communicate with other children and teachers. In order to be responsible to the next generation, and to set up a correct path of education for the future, many Minghui Schools have been established in different places. Minghui School will not only teach the students to listen, read, speak and write Chinese, but also help the students to study the Fa during the process of studying Chinese.

During the first month of operation, it held one class every week. Students learned basic Chinese, learned three sets of exercises, made paper lotus flower, and sang Dafa-related songs. The healthy, pure and happy environment made the children enjoy the Minghui School. Now, some non-practitioner families also send their children in.

This is just the beginning. The path ahead is long. Guiding with Fa and learning from other Minghui School experiences, the Seattle Minghui School will be better week after week.