Writing about one's persecution experience to expose evil plays an important role in exposing and frightening them, but some practitioners have a strong psychological barrier to sharing their experience on the Internet, especially the phone numbers of the perpetrators who have tortured them, fearing revenge or the trouble it could bring their families. This is actually an attachment to fear. From the principle of the Fa, these practitioners understand that fear is unrighteous, but this fear comes from "selfishness" deep in their hearts. They seek comfort and are not willing to give up the notions of ordinary people. The more you fear, the more the illusory unsafe factors will interfere, reinforcing your fear.

Practitioners overseas and in China are one body. When we expose the phone numbers of the perpetrators, practitioners overseas can call them and the perpetrators will be faced with immediate retribution, while those who learn the truth will be presented with a new opportunity to choose their destiny. When the phone numbers of the perpetrator's supervisors and colleagues are published on the Internet, overseas practitioners can make quick calls to clarify the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong in China and the crimes that the perpetrators have committed. They will be shocked, and, upon considering it, discover the truth, and condemn the perpetrators. The perpetrators seldom discuss the deeds committed during their daily work with colleagues or family members because they know that it is not glorious to participate in the persecution of Falun Gong. They dare to commit the evil deeds without fear just because they don't have the pressure and restraint from righteous factors.

When the phone numbers of the supervisors of persecuted practitioners are published, they can learn the truth from overseas practitioners' truth-clarification phone calls. Supervisors who learn the truth could then actively protect practitioners. Some practitioners' supervisors don't know anything about the persecution suffered by practitioners, become very angry when they learn the truth, and even feel ashamed for not protecting their own employees. As parent-like officers of a local area, they felt that they had completely lost face when they learned that those who suffered persecution were people who just wanted to cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance to become good people.

The following are two examples:

A work unit wanted to send one practitioner to a brainwashing session again for further persecution and claimed that if she refused to be "transformed" she would be sent to forced labor camp. The practitioner was forced to leave home. When the persecution she suffered and phone numbers of the perpetrators and the officers of her working unit were published on the Internet, the perpetrators faced great pressure. Even the officers who had learned the truth asked the perpetrators sternly: "What happened, how could you torture our own employee? Why did you want to send her to forced labor camp? She was not going against the law by practicing Falun Gong. She was an outstanding employee!" The truth-clarification phone calls from overseas kept coming, and the nervous perpetrators blamed each other. Under this pressure, they finally spread rumors that the unit expected the practitioner to return to her work soon, and that it was a few young inexperienced leaders who said to send her to forced labor camp. Later, after a discussion with fellow practitioners, this practitioner realized that she should return to her work with dignity. It was only those who persecute Dafa who should feel guilt and fear. It should be the perpetrators who try to hide. After strengthening her mind nature, she recently reported to work. The direct perpetrators avoided confronting her, but the officers of the work unit faced her with bright smiles and even arranged a better job for her.

One leader of a 6.10 Office used to say disrespectful words whenever Falun Gong was mentioned. He worked hard in the crackdown on Falun Gong and tried to earn political gain. When his evil deeds and the phone numbers of his supervisors and colleagues were published, he became quiet immediately. One day, he said to me: "I don't know who published my phone number on the Internet, but I receive phone calls day and night. My name was even on the list of perpetrators. I am dying from all this disturbance". I understood that he was trying to defend himself in some way because his supervisors blamed him. He told me that he prevented a colleague from throwing a brass Buddha statue away when he moved. I have been working with him (the leader of 6.10 Office) since I graduated from college, and understand him very well. I know that he believed in no one but himself before. I have seen his true nature begin to appear after our exposure and elimination of evils from many dimensions.

Exposing evils is in fact saving sentient beings! Teacher said: "It is the evils not Falun Dafa practitioners who fear that people learn the truth" ("Suggestion", provisional translation subject to improvement).

It is my personal experience. Please point out any inappropriate understanding with compassion.

November 15, 2003