(Clearwisdom.net) To transform practitioners [meaning to force practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa] is a warped process that the old forces use to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners under the pretext of a "test." The real purpose behind this is to eliminate Dafa practitioners, all of the people whom Dafa practitioners want to save, and sacrifice other unwanted old forces within each level all the way down, in order to achieve their goal of self-salvation. Although the old forces no longer exist, the behind-the-scenes helpers they arranged to interfere with Fa-rectification are still applying these evil means - abducting practitioners, putting them into brainwashing classes and forced labor camps, etc. To ultimately achieve their aim of eliminating Dafa practitioners, they openly forced people whom they considered to be unqualified practitioners through these "transformation" processes. As for other practitioners who have not been abducted, they are also persecuted in varying degrees, proportional to the attachments they have and the loopholes they have exposed. What about the obstinacy, the fear, and the human notions we possess? Do we need the old forces to magnify them before we can realize that they are a burden and that we have to let go? Therefore, beware! Perform well the three things stipulated by Teacher to eradicate the arrangement of the old forces.

A word about "self": When one reaches the final state of selflessness, then one's true self manifests. If we do not get rid of the "self" within us, we will not meet the ultimate standard of the universe. Attachments are reflections of the amount of "self" within us, and they are loopholes that the evil can take exploit. As long as "self" exists within us, we still have attachments. When we become selfless, how can the evil harm the true self at the higher level? Again, when one attains a selfless state, the evil that relies on the "self" to survive will naturally perish.