(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Xuan Honggui, 36, lived in Hailong Town, Meihekou City, Jilin Province. She was arrested and sent to the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in Changchun City, where she was savagely tortured until she developed severe edema in the abdominal area. She was near death and released. Ms. Xuan passed away on October 8, 2003, three months after she was released from the infamous labor camp.

Ms. Xuan made a living selling boxed lunches. Before January 2001, she risked her personal safety to distribute truth clarification materials, so that people will have a chance to see through the state-run media's slanderous propaganda. Three doctors who work at the No. 3 Meihekou City Hospital in Hailong Town reported her, which resulted in her arrest. The Hailong Town Police Department rewarded each doctor with 2,000 Yuan.

After she was arrested, Xuan Honggui was sent to Meihekou City Detention Center. Later she was transferred to the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in Changchun City, where she was forced to do slave labor and brutally tortured, both physically and mentally. She developed severe abdominal edema and was released in July 2003. She had a constant fever after she had returned home. Xuan Honggui's husband, Zhao Yongtian, was deceived by the Jiang regime's lies and continued to abuse her. Xuan Honggui passed away in the morning of October 8, 2003.

Xuan Honggui's pseudonym is Chong Sheng. Her experience in the labor camp was published on Clearwisdom on September 17, 2003, entitled "If We Behave Righteously, Master Can Do Anything for Us".

Hailong Town Police Department in Meihekou City: 86-448-4715137

Address: Hailong Town, Meihekou City, Jilin Province

Zip code: 135007