I attained the Fa at the end of 1998. There was only about half a year between when I attained the Fa and when the widespread persecution of Falun Dafa began in China during July of 1999. At the time, because I had not studied the Fa deeply, I was deceived by the evil, and really did not know the truth. I agreed wholeheartedly with what was written in Zhuan Falun, but what was broadcasted on television was another matter. At that time I thought: "This book Zhuan Falun did not deceive anyone. If it could 'deceive' a bad person into being a good person, then I preferred to be 'deceived'."

Later, as extensive propaganda was broadcasted by the television and radio a lot of people were misled. One by one, my relatives and friends advised me to stop practicing. They were afraid that I would become like the people they saw on television. At the time, because I had not been practicing for a long time, under the pressure from such large amounts of propaganda, I really did not know who I could believe.

During this period of time, I purposefully watched little television. I had a variety of questions in my heart. I was in agony, and oscillated back and forth. During the past three years, I became very lazy as if the source of a spring's water had been cut off and has no life or vitality. I also became very afraid. From 2000 to today, I ceased practicing cultivation for three years, and I myself have been degenerating for three years.

Here, news is obstructed and no one can understand Dafa's truth. I was constantly faced the conflict of whether I should practice Falun Dafa or not.

One time, I found out about The Chinese Clearwisdom website (Minghui.org) from a TV program that slandered Falun Gong. I was very curious, so I went online to read Minghui, but the page could not be opened at all.

Later, through researching, and by way of an accidental opportunity, I finally made my way onto Minghui through a dynamic website. Also I found the websites of FGMTV, New Tang Dynasty, etc. I downloaded a few truth-clarifying videos. Just at this moment, I finally understood everything. Jiang Zemin's fabrications and deceit has made me hesitant for three years, sinking for three years, and disappointed for three years. How precious these three years are! Of course, I need to really examine myself, and analyze myself. I was deceived by the evil only because I didn't study the Fa well enough. I admit my mistake to Teacher. I have learned my lesson. I will never again be deceived by the evil again!

According to my investigation, many people received the dynamic website on the same day. I truly admire those people who are helping to break the evil's blockade, and send the truth clarifying materials to other people, and allow more people to know the truth of Dafa. Let us work together to break the Internet obstructions, and allow even more people to know the truth.