(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner's hometown is located in the northeastern part of China. Once, she and another practitioner took more than 1,000 pamphlets, VCDs, truth clarification cassettes, and flyers with self-adhesive tape on a visit to a practitioner in her hometown. They intended to clarify the truth during their visit.

By the time they got there, however, they could not find the local practitioner. Unconcerned, they went through the streets, distributing pamphlets and putting up flyers wherever they could find a free space. While doing this, they were chased by dogs and they encountered people who scolded them, "You still dare distribute flyers these days?" These practitioners, however, were unfazed and sent forth righteous thoughts to purge the evil so that they could save more sentient beings.

Two other practitioners went to their hometowns located in a remote part of southern China to promote the Fa. They distributed flyers in the evening and stayed at their relative's homes during the day. Before evening came, they got rides to their next destination so that they could distribute flyers in the dark. They would then stay with another relative during the day. Sometimes they went to very remote and far away places, but everything went smoothly. When their relatives heard the truth, they were all enraged about the slander and lies. They said it was easy to see that the "self-immolation" incident was fake--how could the plastic bottle holding gasoline still be intact while the person was half-burnt.

Another practitioner went back to her hometown with her two-year-old child and a big bag of truth clarification material. The people there seemed to be totally ignorant about the persecution of Falun Gong. When this practitioner was going to distribute the flyers, her relatives said, "You take care of the baby, we will take care of the flyers." It did not take them long to distribute flyers to the whole village. The villagers were very happy to receive the VCD's, and the result of the practitioners' efforts was excellent.

The practitioners quietly spread the truth like this to tens of thousands of households.