(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Xie Guiying, who lived at Wanhuitian District, Chenjia Hillock (in Huainan City, Anhui Province), was tortured to death in October 2000. Her mother, Xin Gonghua, was devastated but had nowhere to turn to for help. Three years have passed since then and all she could do was to tell everyone about her daughter's tragic death. In food markets, shopping plazas, residential areas, on the street sides, from her friends to complete strangers, the public is also spreading the facts about how practitioner Xie Guiying was tortured to death. Below is the story that Xie Guiying's mother related about how her daughter was tortured to death.


My name is Xin Gonghua and I am the mother of Xie Guiying. The details on how Xie Guiying was tortured to death are as follows:

On October 17, 2000, at about 7:00 p.m., my daughter and I were resting at home. Suddenly, a security guard from the company Huang Shicai along with four to five policemen burst into our home and began rummaging through our things. They found two Falun Gong books on my daughter's bed, so they grabbed her, threatening to take her to the police station. My daughter refused to go and did not allow them to take the books either. She said, "I have become healthy after practicing Falun Gong. I have done nothing wrong, nor have I committed any crime. I refuse to go to the police station." I went after them to find out what was the matter. However, I fell down and foam started to come out of my mouth. I could not speak nor move my body. The police then let go of my daughter and came over to drag me out of the room. Several people dragged me into the bedroom and surrounded me so that I could not get out. Because I live on the first floor, many people in the courtyard heard the noise and came over. The windows and the door were surrounded by people.

My daughter was surrounded by police in the living room. A dozen more police came and ransacked my house from top to bottom. After creating a big mess, they beat my daughter ruthlessly, dragged her by her hair, and shoved her into the police vehicle. I heard my daughter crying loudly for help and heard my daughter-in-law reprimand the police, "You can't take her, this is wrong." The police replied that this was for my daughter's well being and to ensure her "safety." After the commotion had subsided and everybody had left, my daughter-in-law told me that my daughter had been sent to Chaoyang Police Station.

I could not set my heart at rest; hence I got up with a great effort and went to the police station to visit my daughter with some clean clothes for her. As soon as I walked into the door of the police station, a policeman hit me with his fist, and I fell flat on the ground some distance away from the door. I could not get up for a long time and someone eventually helped me up. I waited for my daughter outside the police station so that we could go home together. The guard at the entrance must have told the people inside that I was waiting. At one o'clock in the morning, my daughter was brought out to talk to me. My daughter said, "Mom, why don't you go home. Please don't wait for me. I will be fine." I was less worried after I had seen my daughter, so I went home.

However, after I went home I could not fall asleep. So at five-thirty in the morning, I went to the police station again. I bought some breakfast for my daughter on the way there. The police still wouldn't let me in, so I waited outside until a little after nine o'clock. I became very worried when I could get no news about my daughter. Then a person said to me, "Hurry to the People's Hospital. Your daughter had an accident." I asked what kind of accident she had, but he didn't say.

I rushed to the hospital and I found my daughter in a big room on the third floor of the Orthopedic Building. The weather was very cold and she was only wearing a single layer of clothes. She lay there on a bench, and both her hands and feet were ice cold. She said to me, "Mom, I am very thirsty. I would like some water." I immediately helped my daughter to drink half a bottle of spring water before I asked her any questions. Then my daughter asked me to help her up, saying that she felt pain all over her lower back and abdomen. At this time, the head of Chaoyang police station, Zhang, brought out an X-ray indicating that my daughter's lumbar had sustained a fracture. Besides that, there was no other problem. At this moment, my daughter suddenly cried out in pain. She said that she had severe aches in her abdomen and that she could take it no longer. The police then told me to pay to put her in the hospital. I didn't have money with me and my daughter said, "Mom, I don't want to stay in the hospital. I want to go home. Hurry, tell them to let me go home." Then the head of the police station asked me to write a statement declaring that we would have to take responsibility if anything was to happen to my daughter after she went home. My daughter picked up the bottle of spring water and threw it at the head of the police station. She said, "You have a ruthless heart." I then turned around to write the note on the bench. I'd only written a few words when my daughter went into shock. I called loudly to the doctors to save my daughter. The doctor set up an IV for her, but I saw that the IV was dripping extremely fast. Suddenly, several policemen came in, dragged me out of the room, and locked me in another small room. I was released from the small room after ten minutes but my daughter had disappeared. The police told me that they had sent my daughter to another hospital for treatment.

The police dragged me from the third floor down, carried me to a police vehicle, and didn't allow me to move. They then tied both of my arms to my back. In the afternoon, the police dragged me to a room in the police station. There, two big men grabbed my arms tightly and did not let me have one sip of water. They repeatedly said that my daughter had been sent to another hospital for treatment. In the evening, they sent a few police to detain my whole family at a hotel. At this time, they told my son that my daughter had "committed suicide by jumping out of the building." On the third day after returning home, the chairperson of the police bureau and the doctor on shift came to see me. I didn't believe that my daughter had died or that she would kill herself. I asked them where my daughter's body had been placed. The doctor said that the police had taken it away before 10 o'clock that morning. It was later sent to the funeral home at 4:16 in the afternoon. I didn't understand why my daughter's body was taken away at ten in the morning by the police but was not sent to the funeral home until after four o'clock. What were the police doing during those six hours? They didn't notify the family members, nor did they let us see her body. There was not even a death certificate from the hospital. I repeatedly requested to see her in person if she was alive, or to see her body if she was dead. Four days later, they arranged for my family members to go to the funeral home to see my daughter's body.

The room in the funeral home was very dark. I asked them to turn on the lights but they refused. There was a big group of police behind us. I reached out and touched my daughter. Even though she had been frozen for several days, my daughter's body was still soft and her face looked as if she was sleeping. We requested to have a coroner from the province examine her. The coroner came, while watched over by several police, and my daughter's body was opened for examination.

The results of the exam showed that my daughter had seven ribs broken on her right side and five on the left side. Her stomach had swollen and there were 2600 grams of dried blood in her lower abdominal area. There was also an egg sized bruise on her chest. As soon as the results were announced, the police left swiftly. I was very surprised to find out that my daughter had over a dozen broken ribs . How had it not been found when the X-ray had been taken? Later the police convicted my daughter as, "Suicide by jumping out of the building to avoid punishment for her crime of practicing Falun Gong." What crime had she committed by just practicing Falun Gong and having a healthy body? She didn't do anything wrong. What type of punishment could she have tried to avoid? They said that my daughter had killed herself by jumping out of the building. Why was it that she had no external injuries, yet the internal bleeding was so severe?

When they took my daughter away, they kicked and beat her brutally while saying that it was to ensure her safety. Since I couldn't set my heart at rest, I followed them to the police station that night. When I saw my daughter at one in the morning, she was still fine. In addition, how could she possibly kill herself under the surveillance of so many police? I miss my daughter. She has been wronged.

(Ms. Xin Gonghua is 60 years old and lives at Wanhuaitian District Chenjia Hillock.)

September 28, 2003