(Clearwisdom.net) On November 7, Falun Gong practitioners in Florida participated in the University of Florida Homecoming Parade in Gainesville. Following are photos from the media coverage of the parade.

1. Photos Appearing on UF Media Center Front Page

Float preparation

Annie Li, from China, and Laura Hatton, who is visiting from Tampa, made up part of the 30 people manning the Falun Gong float in the University of Florida's Homecoming Parade. Their dress is traditional Chinese.
Although Falun Gong meditation is [...] widely persecuted by the Chinese government, it is still practiced in more than 50 countries, including the United States.

(Photo by Joe Richard/UF News and Public Affairs)


2. Photo Appearing on the Front Page of The Alligator, UF Official Newspaper


Tristan Maher / Alligator Staff
Homecoming Parade

3. Photo from Gainesville Sun, Gainesville's Largest Newspaper