(Clearwisdom.net) There were 130 practitioners illegally detained in the women's team of Dalian Forced Labor Camp. From 5:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening, they were forced to perform slave labor every day. The Chinese law concerning forced labor stipulates that shifts cannot be more than 6 hours per day. At the same time, policemen there subjected practitioners to various types of savage torture in order to force the steadfast Dafa practitioners into giving up Falun Gong.

A. Various Torture Methods

1. Newly abducted Falun Gong practitioners would suffer the punishment of standing for 24 hours straight. I personally saw two practitioners who had already been forced to stand for 5 days straight and were still being forced to stand.

2. After being locked up in a small cell, the newly abducted practitioners would be watched closely by guards. The chief persecutor is Zhang Xiujuan. Besides being monitored by more than one person, each practitioner was subjected to various types of inhumane persecution.

(1) Hanging practitioners by their handcuffed wrists while brutally beating them, which caused many long-lasting black bruises on their bodies;

(2) Forcing practitioners to eat large amounts of raw garlic;

(3) Stripping practitioners naked, cuffing them and hanging them up, spread-eagled with their feet off the ground;

(4) Insulting Falun Gong practitioners often; Zhang used the rod of a mop to poke practitioners' sensitive parts, private parts, and even their vaginas;

(5) Forcing practitioners to eat human excrement;

(6) Stabbing practitioners with sharp objects;

(7) Force-feeding practitioners with a mixture of water and dried red pepper powder;

(8) Damaging practitioners' feet by putting them in boiling water;

(9) Almost all kinds of torture that have been exposed on Clearwisdom have been used

B. Slave-labor and "Transformation" by Violence

The persecutors forced practitioners to do extreme labor so that they could not think about Falun Dafa. The practitioners were not allowed to study the Fa. They were not allowed to talk to each other and it was impossible for them to communicate with anyone else. Everyone was in a stressful situation and extremely busy working. Spies were among them to inform the guards if they did anything against the guards' wishes.

Policemen treated practitioners in different ways based on "the degrees to which they were transformed." The steadfast practitioners would be watched closely by spies or collaborators [former practitioners who were "transformed" away from Dafa and became assistants to the persecutors]. They were in the second class on the 5th floor and they had 30 people working together there. Often the practitioners were pulled out to a classroom on the 5th floor for forced "transformation." They were first threatened and given three days to write the "four statements" (renouncing Falun Dafa). After three days, if they had not written the statements, they would be persecuted in inhumane ways:

(1) Cruel beating, the black bruises caused by beating would last for a very long time;

(2) Forcing them to eat garlic; they were forced to eat a bowl of peeled garlic;

(3) Cuffing and hanging them up, with their two arms stretched out and their feet above the ground for several hours, usually causing great damage to their wrists;

(4) Depriving them of sleep. No transformation, no sleep. They were not allowed to sleep for several days;

(5) As dirty tricks, policemen cuffed and hung practitioners with their arms and legs spread, and used a mop handle to poke their legs and private parts in a disgusting way.

When working in a big group, those practitioners who still had some righteous thoughts but had yielded unwillingly, would be constantly surrounded by collaborators. The practitioners were not allowed to talk to each other. As soon as they finished their daily jobs, they were ordered to go straight to sleep. Every couple of days, the guards would conduct strict body searches. If anyone were found to have Teacher's articles, she would be locked up in a small cell.

Detained practitioners were divided into 4 squadrons. Firm practitioners were watched by and lived together with "four-precaution" guards. They were treated unfairly every day. In the third squadron, there were some practitioners who yielded to the evil unwillingly. Recently, many of them have awakened and returned to cultivation and Fa-rectification. Solemn Declarations [statements voiding all previous statements of renouncing Falun Gong] appeared frequently.

Dafa disciples Gong Xuerong and Wang Min have been brutally persecuted. Practitioners in Dalian District, please send forth righteous thoughts to help them.

Gong Xuerong suffered various types of cruel torture. She was once stripped bare, cuffed, and hung up with her four limbs spread and her feet above the ground for six days and nights. However, she was remained steadfast and never yielded. Wang Min (the elder sister of Wang Shiming) had been locked up in a cell for more than one month since she was sent there. Her wrists were seriously hurt by the cuffing and hanging. She was also firm in her belief and never yielded to the evil.

The Evil Persecutors' Names

The director of the police team was someone called Han;

Wan Yalin and someone called Yuan, who brought the malicious Zhang Xiujuan (a guard) with him when he attended any meeting. Director Han incited Zhang Xiujuan to do evil.