Ms. Yang Fenglian, a Falun Dafa practitioner, was a senior examiner and an associate professor at Hebei Technical College of Architecture in Handan City. Before her Dafa cultivation, she suffered from many illnesses ranging from cancer to serious heart conditions. During the course of her cultivation, she gained excellent health both physically and mentally.

Because of Jiang's suppression of Falun Gong, Yang went to Beijing to appeal on October 1, 2000, and was arrested and incarcerated. She was later sentenced to one year of forced labor and was taken to the Fifth Team of Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. While in the labor camp, she underwent all kinds of tortures due to the "percentage of transformation" (referring to percentage of practitioners who renounce Falun Dafa under pressure) quota. Methods of torture included: tying up, hanging, beating, shocking with electric batons, extended periods of sleep deprivation, forbidding practitioners from closing their eyes, and forcing everyone to write the "four statements" [Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write specific documents as proof that they have given up their beliefs. This was created by the "610 Office."]. She witnessed a practitioner named Ma Gaiting be hung up for so long that his arm muscles atrophied from loss of blood flow. She also witnessed several practitioners suffer from mental breakdowns, and some were even tortured to death.

Ms. Yang's husband divorced her when he could no longer take the pressure caused by the persecution. In addition, their only daughter was also jailed for 10 months, tortured and shocked with electric batons several times, simply because she had gone to Beijing to appeal. At the time she was only sixteen. Her father eventually got her released with the help of his friends and with 3,000 Yuan (500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China). After hearing of the situation, Ms. Yang's mother suddenly became ill and was bedridden. In the meantime, Ms. Yang was expelled from the Party and fired by the school.

Six months after Ms. Yang's release from the forced labor camp, the persons in charge of persecuting practitioners at the college, Yang Jinting, Party Secretary Li Wanqing, manager of City Architecture Department Zhang Ziping, Security Department director Mao Ruixin, and office director of the City Architecture Department Zhang Yufang managed to deceive her into going to the school on January 17, 2002. They had spent a large sum of money on preparation and were ready to send her to the brainwashing center in Shijiazhuang. Relying on her righteous thoughts, Yang escaped their plot and went home. From then on she was virtually under house arrest. People watched her and her home around the clock. The college, the community office, and Kaiyuan Police Station sent people to her house several times to arrest her, but Yang refused to open the door. She was steadfast in sending forth righteous thoughts and this caused their evil attempts to fail.

On November 2, 2002, over 30 policemen from Kaiyuan Police Station and Hanshan District Police Sub-bureau swarmed Yang's house. With a lifter, they raised themselves up from the outside to the sixth floor where Yang lived, broke through the window and entered her apartment. She and her daughter were forcibly arrested and taken away. That night, under the direction of Hanshan District Police Sub-bureau Chief Liu Wenming, the Captain of Kaiyuan Police Station Wang Lin led members of the police force to torture Yang. They shocked Yang with several electric batons simultaneously trying to extort a confession from her. Yang's head was badly swollen, her hands and arms covered with blisters, and the injuries lasted for over two months without signs of recovery. After the torture, they transferred Yang to the Second Detention Center in Handan City where she was incarcerated for a period of ten months.

During the time that Yang was jailed, the Kaiyuan Police Station attempted several times to send her back to the forced labor camp once again. Because of the torture, Yang had blood and pus in her stool everyday. Her heartbeat was irregular, reaching as high as one hundred and forty beats a minute. Her weight dropped from 145 pounds to 90 pounds. Considering that the forced labor camp would not take her, the police had no alternative but to not send her there. She was not released until August 2003, at which time they extorted over 2000 Yuan from her family.

One month after her release, on September 27, 2003, College Party Secretary Li Wanqing, a new person in charge of the persecution Li Kuiliang, City Architecture Department Party Secretary Jiang Bianliang, and Security Department Director Mao Ruixin conspired together and forcibly arrested Ms. Yang when she went grocery shopping. They took her to the brainwashing center on Xihuan Road in Handan City. In protest, Yang went on a hunger strike and was force-fed. She was extremely weak and began to throw up blood, passing out several times. Through this, she was still able to maintain her righteous thoughts. It was recently learned that the provincial "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] sent people to secretly abduct Ms. Yang and take her to Shijiazhuang. The exact location of her whereabouts is still not known.

Phone numbers:

Party Secretary of the college, Li Wanqing: 86-310-7429006(W), 86-310-7428188(H)
Party Secretary of City Architecture Department, Jiang Bianliang: 86-310-7420750(W), 86-310-7428300(H)
Director of Security Department, Mao Ruixin: 86-310-7429089 (W), 86-310-7428053(H)
Official in charge of persecuting practitioners, Yang Jinting: 86-310-7429008(W), 86-310-7428298(H)

Hanshan District Police Sub-bureau in Handan City
Office number: 86-310-3125370, 86-310-3125361
Chief: Liu Wenming and Zheng Guangxin: 86-310-3125352(W)
Manager of First Department, Dang Dianjun (in charge of persecution)

Kaiyuan District Police Station: 86-310-6069822