(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Zeng Yuwen from Sanxiang, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province used to live in Zijin, Heyuan. He went to Beijing three times to safeguard the Fa. The third time in June 2000, the persecutors put him on a train going back to Guangdong Province. During the trip, Zeng Yuwen jumped from train's bathroom window in an attempt to escape, and unfortunately, died in the attempt.

Back in February 2000, Zeng Yuwen, along with practitioners Shen Xuemei, Shen Mingjun and Bai Jing unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square that read, "Restore Dafa's reputation." They were arrested and taken to the Zijin Detention Center. One night, Zeng Yuwen escaped openly and with dignity. Practitioners Shen Xuemei, Shen Mingjun were arrested and sent to the Luoding Detention Center where they were held for one month. They were also fined 2,000 Yuan.

In March 2000, Zeng Yuwen, Shen Xuemei, Shen Mingjun, Shen Hongmei, Lu Bo and Wu Ping went to Tiananmen Square again and did the Dafa exercises. Zeng Yuwen was arrested again and was sent back to Zijin. Wu Ping was sent back to Zhongshan and was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor; Shen Xuemei, Shen Mingjun, Shen Hongmei were sent back to Luoding. Shen Xuemei, Shen Mingjun were illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor, and Shen Xuemei was illegally fined 2,000 Yuan.

In June 29, 2003, practitioner Chen Yuanying was illegally arrested and sentenced to one-and-a half years of forced labor for distributing flyers in Silun, Luoding. Practitioner Ah Cui was sentenced to two years of forced labor.