In March 2003, several TV stations accompanied provincial inspectors to visit the Women's Brigade of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province, a place that is used specifically to imprison female Falun Dafa practitioners.

The media videotaped and photographed practitioners who had been forced to engage in various activities to put on a show for the press and the provincial authorities. The TV stations and newspapers later broadcast stories about the labor camp, portraying the living hell of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp as if it were actually a luxury hotel or some kind of care center for senior citizens.

On the day of the visit, early in the morning, police woke up the practitioners and took all their bags and belongings into an unknown room. They separated the practitioners into several groups.

One group was instructed to exercise in the facility. Another group was instructed to sing in the auditorium, and another was in put into a "re-education class."

The police hid away all those who they felt might allow the true situation of to be presented to the cameras. Hidden away were all those who had been beaten and tortured, and those who were so steadfast that the police knew they would take any opportunity to speak out the truth.

So like this, the stage was set. Each group performed what they were told to do for the provincial leaders and the cameras. The inspectors arrived late. Because of this, the practitioners who were exercising had sore legs and the practitioners who were singing had sore throats. What was even more funny was that the person who was teaching the s-called "law" classes had nothing left to say, so he said "Just sit here for now. I'll teach when the inspector gets here. So just continue to take notes."

What are they trying to cover up?

Practitioners who just arrive at the labor camp are sent to the warden. The warden allows prisoners to make a choice. Give up Falun Gong, or else. Whoever looks suspicious to them, or whoever they dislike, will be handcuffed. They make practitioners work a whole day and not let them sleep, and then they handcuff them to the bedpost all night. Every time someone comes to inspect the labor camp, they hide the tortured and abused practitioners elsewhere. The inspectors do not see the truth, and all they hear is what the wardens tells them, and the wardens only tell lies.

The food at the labor camp hardly contains any oil. They have boiled carrots, old cucumbers, and cabbages. There might be rotten grass on top and sandy mud on the bottom. Every time inspectors came to visit, the lunch would contain lots of oil, but most of it was already very old. There would be chicken with a disgusting smell and taste. Many people could not eat it, and threw away what they were given.

There is complete bathing facility in the camp. However, it is only shown to visitors and practitioners are not allowed to use it. Women practitioners have to go to men's brigade to share their bathrooms. They are only allowed to take a bath once every two to three weeks, or even once a month. During the SARS period, practitioners were allowed to bathe once every week. They are allowed only very brief bathing times.

Practitioners at the labor camp are woken up at five in the morning to begin work, and finish at nine at night. They only have 20 minutes rest at noon, though this break is often denied to allow extra work. They may also have to continue work until 11 at night to finish quotas.

The police also think of ways to torture and disrupt the practitioners. At night, after they finish their work, police force them to recite "Labor Camp Rules and Regulations" The practitioners said, "we did not break any laws, and we will not recite them." The police would not let them sleep, and they punish them by making them stand until 12 midnight or 2 a.m.

A practitioner named Wan Jing had to stand all night. Even worse, for that reason practitioners have been put into solitary confinement cells. Sun Chuanhong was among those who were sent there. They are forced to work as usual the next day. The labor camp treats Falun Gong practitioners as slaves.

While brainwashing practitioners, police did not let practitioners sleep and forced them to stand facing a wall for hours. If that didn't do the job, then police would send them to confinement cells and let criminal prisoners torture them. Some of the punishments in the cell include 30 hours without going to the bathroom, 5 days without sleep, and standing until their legs are swollen. The practitioners were sleepy to the point that their brains were disoriented. Moreover, the police would order inmates to step on the swollen feet of practitioners. Ms. Han Shuhua had her feet broken after some inmates trampled on them.

Police also used bed sheets to tie practitioners down on a bed with their arms and legs spread. They tie ropes to the practitioners' legs and arms and pull as hard as they can. The pain of this form of torture causes spine-chilling screams. Another form of torture is when they put the person in the same position as before, but they would hang the practitioner up from the ceiling, and place a bench under the practitioner, and then rapidly release the practitioner multiple times until the crotch area is bleeding from impact with the bench. After such torture, their crotch is wounded to the point where they cannot urinate. They will also take hot peppers and force them into the women's genitals. This is instructed by the wardens Han, and Wan, and Yuan Lingyu, and carried out by inmates Gao Binlin, Sun Po, Ge Hong, and Yu Ling.

There is another type of torture applied to practitioners. The guards would remove some planks from a bed, leaving only a few left. Then they would lay down practitioners on the bed, with their four limbs cuffed and spread in four directions. After such tortures, some of the practitioners cannot move their hands, they cannot walk, and cannot bend their back or squat down for a few months. Ms. Zhong Shujuan and Ms. Zhang Jie had once been put through such torture.

Daliang Labor Camp conceals the truth about the persecution, and there is persecution happening daily. The so-called "transformation rate" (referring to number of practitioners who give up their belief) comes under force and pressure, torture and persecution. Police would do anything possible to reach a certain "transformation rate." They know that, whatever they do, in China it is not a problem because they are protected by the head evil of China, Jiang himself.